Does anyone have kids with chronic low white counts?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gvmeabrk, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. gvmeabrk

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    Hello everyone,I was curious as to if anyone else has children with any medical complications especially chronic low white counts?I have had 4 miscarriages and don't think I would have carried my daughter but I pretty much stayed in bed the first 4 months of pregnancy.My daughter has been coming down with many scarry diseases and 2 years ago was diagnosed with chronic low white count.She has seen several doctors and none can pin point her cause.She complains of her joints hurting but is a very athletic type.I was diagnosed with fibro 12 yrs ago, and she is now 13.I would appreciate anyone coming forward with knowledge regarding this topic.
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    My daughter was diagnosed with Fibro when she was a teen. Saw a Rheumatologist. She WAS sick ALL THE TIME, when she was elementary and jr. high age. Missed 30-40 days each year. Still was an A-B student, very motivated, high achiever. I don't know if her white cells were low or if they we ever tested. I do remember her eosinophils were high. She has been in remission for many years now and functions at a VERY high level.

    Her frenshman/sophmore year at college she lost her peripheral vision and was found to have high ANA levels. That was 3 or 4 years ago. In past few weeks, she has developed a severe metal allergy/infection and a terrible rash. Doc thought is was from bacterial infection from a piercing and prescribed antibiotic. Is slowly improving. She told him about her previous ANA levels and is rechecking them. Wish I knew if her white cells were checked back then but I don't know, or can't remember.
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    I remember being diagnosed at least twice with anemia as a kid. And apparently my mother had it too as a kid.

    I remember after a doctor exam and blood test, the doctor came back into the room and stated to my mother (in a very dramatic way)"This child has ANEMIA!". I don't remember what my mother said, but she took it calmly...especially in light of the fact that I thought the doctor said "leukemia"!

    Back in the car, I got up the nerve to ask my mom if I had the dread leukemia. She laughed and told me no. She said they always told her that she was anemic when she was a kid and it didn't really mean anything. (go figure!) Just like she told me not to be concerned when the school nurses told her every year that I had scoliosis. Not to worry...after all they always told my mom that too. Yes, mom had some issues other than fibromyalgia.

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