Does anyone have muscle twitches with FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rasyte, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. rasyte

    rasyte New Member

    Hi, I am new here. My doctor suspects I might have FM, but she is not sure because I have other symptoms that do not indicate FM. Besides the extreme fatigue and pain (stronger on my right side), joint stiffness and pain, shortness or breath, I have muscle twitches that are not visible with most of them being deep inside the muscle as well as muscle vibrating sensation in my legs and arms. Does anyone with FM experience this? Thanks!
  2. franners

    franners New Member

    What drives me more bonkers is when it is on my face... Ugh.. I hate that..
  3. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Welcome, by the way! Muscle twitches (that & tingling extremities) were my first symptoms of FM, before pain & fatigue. I know that low-level vibration feeling well, too. I have had some (not all) docs tell me these are not FM symptoms. Hogwash----there are too many FMers with these symptoms! Not everyone experiences them, but many of us do. My muscle twitches come & go, and many ARE visible. Dr. Devon Starlanyl's books (great books to read if you are newly diagnosed or suspect FM) list all of these strange sensations as FM symptoms. I think you will get a lot of responses on this, & check the archives, too, for past posts.

    Glad you found this site; a great place to learn more about FM, & very supportive folks who understand what we all go through day-to-day.

  4. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    Lots of muscle twitches, especially when I've over done. I was concerned about your shortness of breath though. That is not a symptom of FM...more of MG. Ask your doctor about it. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  5. Achy-shaky

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    Muscle twitches, internal vibrations and shortness of breath can all be related to FM. Many docs don't agree - just depends on the type of doctor and how much knowledge they have on FM/CFS. Are you seeing a Rheumatologist?

    I find that muscle twitches are worst after overexertion but can be releived somewhat with Klonopin as can the vibrations (which could also be restless leg syndrome).

    MtnDews - are you referring to Myasthenia Gravis? I'm not familiar with that disease but shortness of breath can also be caused by trigger points according to Devin's book, which is another common FM thing.

    Welcome to our world - you will love all you can learn here and the suport of many good friends.

  6. rasyte

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    Hi all. Thanks a lot for all responses! Good to here from other people that are going through this, though I wish you all were healthy! I did see two reumathologist and both said I do not have any reumathological disease after exams and blood tests. I also saw thyroid doctor who found nothing wrong after running multiple blood tests and nuclear medicine testing (or what ever that is). As well as lung doctor who did pulmonary function testing and found nothing wrong. I had brain MRI done and going to have spinal MRI tomorrow. Will go to see neuro next week for the results.
  7. Sunshyne1027

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    One of my first symptoms also was the muscle twitches.. the unseen kind. It came before the pain and fatigue. The eye ones drive me crazy too.

    I have alot of nightime twitching. Some say its wild to see me sleeping at night, like a live electric wire.
  8. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    thanks for the tip on Quinine. I did a quick search, and found info its good to use for leg cramps. Its what bothers me the most, the leg cramping. I am going to give it a try, now to find out where to buy it, how much to take?

    Thanks so much..

  9. Staceymarie

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    Yes, Yes, Yes....I have muscle twitches all the time. When I asked the doc about it, he said he didn't know if it was related to the FM or not. I have had these my entire life. Mine don't hurt, but it drives me crazy! I really do believe it is a part of FM, although I had them way before my other symptoms came on. Even when I'm not in a flare up, I occasionally have them.