Does anyone have other family members with fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hagardreams, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I tried the search engine to see if there were any postings about this subject, but could not find any.

    I was just curious to see how common it is to have fibro and have someone else in the family with it.

    I dont know of anyone in my family that has it.

    Thanks, Julie
  2. goodguess25

    goodguess25 New Member

    I have an aunt diagnosied with FM, I also suspect my daughter is showing early symptoms but no doctor will touch it she just turned nine
  3. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I know what you man about the medical world and anger! I have had my share of problems dealing with them, and wish there were more we could do about that situation.
    Sorry about your mom dying, 91 isnt too bad, but I hate to say, I dont want to see 91. Bless her for hanging in for so long! She must of had a strong will!

  4. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    have Family members with Fibromyalgia along with other same medical diagnosis.
  5. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I noticed that one of my sons was showing some symptoms of FM. I hope that I am wrong, but he is 30 and having way too much fatigue, and some pain, unexplained by the doctor. That is how mine was found out, the unexplained!

    I sure pray that she doesnt have it!

  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, my only sister has it as well as my oldest daughter.
  7. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Yes, other family member with fibromyalgia....turns out it is caused by a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection.

    We lived in the same geographic area, exposing us to tick bites that we never saw...never had a bullseye rash that we saw either.

    This bacteria can also be transmitted from mother to fetus throught the placenta, making it seem like it runs in families.
  8. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Hey there!

    Knowone in my family has Fibro or CFS. In fact all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, ect. are mostly completely healthy. Even my mom, 71 and dad 75, get around like they are 20 years old, even though my mom had a triple bypass about 6 years ago.

    Lucky me, I have CFS/FMS! Go figure.


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  9. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    But it turned out he has Lyme disease just like me.

    My brother used to go hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he got bit by a tick. One of the other campers also got bit. Both of them had EM or Bulls eye rashes associated with a Lyme infection.

    The other hunter made antibodies to the Lyme bug so he tested positive. He also had a smarter doctor who knew a positive test wasn't necessary because Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms.

    This hunter got IV Abx right away and was cured. To this day, he has only minor lingering symptoms like fatigue sometimes. He is not able to "burn the candle at both ends" if he does the fatigue comes back.

    Even though my brother had the same sort of EM rash, he did not test positive. He was tested many times but never made any antibodies which is what the test is looking for. They really need to develop a direct test that looks for the bacteria NOT the antibodies because some people just don't make antibodies.

    My brother didn't get any treatment until he developed "Fibro" or muscle pain 16 years later. Now he is under the care of a LLMD and getting better. My brother has a whole different set of infections than I do but we both have found neither one of us has a great immune system.

    Around this time, I had just gotten tested at the Detroit Fibro and Fatigue Clinic for Lyme and other infections. I had many significant Lyme bands on both the Quest and the Igenex Western blot. I used to do a lot of camping. So far, I've slept in tents in about 28 states and 3 provinces. I also do lots of gardening, cross country motorcycle trips, and hiking in state, national and provincial parks.

    Many doctors will consider the number of points a person has too. According to the info below from ILADS, I had 12 points!


    Tick exposure in an endemic region = 1 .

    History consistent with Lyme = 2.

    Systemic signs & symptoms consistent with Bb infection (other potential diagnoses excluded): . Single system, e.g., monoarthritis = 1 . Two or more systems = 2.

    Erythema migrans, physician confirmed = 7.

    ACA, biopsy confirmed = 7.

    Seropositivity = 3.

    Seroconversion on paired sera = 4.

    Tissue microscopy, silver stain = 3 .

    Tissue microscopy, monoclonal IFA = 4.

    Culture positivity = 4.

    B. burgdorferi antigen recovery = 4.

    B. burgdorferi DNA/RNA recovery = 4.


    Lyme Borreliosis Highly Likely - 7 or above .
    Lyme Borreliosis Possible - 5-6 .
    Lyme Borreliosis Unlikely - 4 or below

    It's also important to remember that family pets can carry ticks indoors. Many pets jump up into bed with their owners and that can transfer ticks from the pet to humans. Some researchers believe Lyme and co-infections can be transmitted by close contact so memebers of the same household could become infected.

    Based on this doctor's review of a vast amount of medical and veterinary literature, lots of people in the same family may be infected:

    More on the CFS/Fibro lie:
  10. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    What symptoms does your daughter show??

  11. zena01

    zena01 New Member

    Yes, although it turned out to be lyme disease. I tested positive for both Lyme and Babesia -- as Babesia is also from ticks, it cemented that I do have lyme. My boyfriend tested positive for lyme as well, and my parents and brother show signs but have never been diagnosed or tested.

    My lyme doctor says that having lyme so long caused the set of fibromyalgia symptoms and that even if we get the lyme killed I may still have the fibro symptoms. I just hope that the lyme is what's worse and when it is killed I could miraculously be like the person in the commercial after she takes her lyrica.
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  12. renehicks

    renehicks New Member

    My motehr was diagnosed as having primary fybrositis when she was 23 my sister was diagnosed as having FMS at 43. I was diagnosed as having ME at 33 and FMS at 40. Rene
  13. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    My dad for sure. Looking back I also think my grandmother.

    My daughter(all tho she denies) and sadly seeing the signs big time in my oldest grandaughter and some in other two. It breaks my heart to see oldest going untreated.
    Niece also has it and has had to stop working.

    Its so hard to deal with this dd

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