Does Anyone Have Pain After Standing on Ceramic Tile?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lgp, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. lgp

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    Just a quick question for everyone. I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and whenever I spend a little more time than usual cooking, I get really bad foot/leg pain the next day. Someone told me it was from the ceramic tile. I wonder if an area rug would help. Does anyone else have heightened pain from the ceramic floor? Please let me know.
  2. Doober

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    you standing on the tile barefooted or with just socks? If so the floor tiles are cold and this could be one reason. Also another i this may be causing the feet to flatten out too much because there is no traction for the feet like there is on rugs.

    The feet are a prime source for pressure points that affect the rest of the body.
  3. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I try to wear flats or socks on the floor but one of my worst habits is I am constantly barefoot!! I try to make a mental note of it and keep something on my feet, but I just came in now and the first thing off was my flats, and I am barefoot as I type this!! One thing I love about the cooler weather approaching is I can wear my Ugg boots again. They are so good for your feet and are meant to be worn without a sock. I have actually looked into Reflexology to relieve my aching feet. Anyone else tried Reflexology?

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  4. stillfighting

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    For me, it doesn't have to be ceramic tile, or even a hard surface. Standing still for more than 10-15 minutes make my feet and legs ache. Longer than that, it goes up through my back. But your situation may be different so a rug or one of those special mats they advertise in catalogs like Home Trends and Miles Kimble might help you.

    Interestingly, I have fewer problems if I move around periodically. Also, when I cook, I take it in stages and rest in between. It used to be I had to chop one veggie, then rest with legs up, then another, etc. Now I do a little better since I got a Vidalia Chopper, since it goes faster than hand-dicing or chopping. But the hardest part is still standing over the stove, stirring something that has to be stirred constantly for 15 minutes or more. I wait for a REALLY good day to try something like that :)!

  5. jasminetee

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    stand for a period of time but modifications do help lessen the pain. We had MMM Carpets rip out our tile in the kitchen and replace it with PVC that looks like wood. I know PVC is extremely poisonous to the environment but we researched everything we could and because I can't keep up with cleaning and we wanted to save money we chose the PVC. I'm in much less pain standing and walking on it by about 65%. With our PVC floor we use a mop and just dry up any wet spots and so far it looks good. We bought it 2 years ago.

    Because our kitchen floor is now flat I am able to roll around on it with a good, supportive office chair and I can work at the counter while sitting and alternating that with standing and that helps a great deal.

    The other thing I did in my apt. back when I was renting was I bought those mats they use behind bars that have holes in them. You have to wear shoes then but i always have to wear my Sketchers anyway. I bought the slip-on Sketcher shoes and they help a great deal. Between the mats on the floor and my Sketchers I was able to stand and cook and do dishes.

    There are new mats for kitchen floors for people who are in pain that are made for the home now that i saw online. You might try searching and researching and try some new things out. It was totally worth it to me.


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  6. pjj

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    I have Tile and yes, it and any other hard surface takes a toll on me. I would love to do the cooking for a couple of weeks in one day but if I do , i pay for 2-3 days after. Beside my feet and legs , spine , neck hurting --- I am very tired for at least 2 days and get almost no sleep those nights. I also find that i am best when I am moving from time to time. I try to walk on the treadmill because I need the exercise for Diabetes but my feet hurt all the time then and actually get sore as if bruised. Again , this lets up some during the day but is worse during the night as is all the other aching/stinging.
  7. Dauna

    Dauna New Member

    I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and I got some mats that have a good bit of padding on them. They help someone but I still am limited as to how long I can stand.
  8. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    it hurts my back and feet. tile, linolium, and cement are the worst for me. carpet and hardwood floors are the best. i def need to buy an area rug/mat or better yet an anti fatigue mat for my kitchen!!!!! i bet it would help.

    also- for me the best shoes to wear that lessen my back and foot pain are--- you guessed it--birkenstocks!!! i am a total convert! its all i wear!!! reg shoes hurt too much.

    take care --
  9. tophermarshall

    tophermarshall New Member

    Flooring is important to the overall look of the kitchen - and so is comfort. I highly recommend WellnessMats ( You are standing all the time in the kitchen, so you might as well be comfortable. These highly decorative, durable mats are great for your feet and you'll never want to move off of them!

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