does anyone have pain in lower leg and feet

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    I have had mri's done and everything else you can think of I do have a lot of back pain but no signs of pinched nerves yet my right lower leg and foot are numb and achy al the time I have been woke up the past two days with what feel like charlie horses in my calves and to try to rub it out sends me through the roof.
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    with hayley, as a suffer myself this sounds like cmp. look into trigger point therapy woorkbook,its worth every penny. charlene
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    about the relif I've gotten from the trigger point therapy...

    Hope you find some relief. Pain is very wearing with no relief in sight. I've been there for a long time and now see wom light at the end of the tunnel.

    My best wishes to you,
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    I have chronic myofascial pain, and yes, my calves and feet hurt most of the time. I haven't had success with myofascial trigger point therapy in my legs yet. It helps some with my neck and back though.
    Best of luck...
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    I go to a Pain Managment Doctor. I use Quinine at night when I go to bed and it helps with the pain during the day. I also have neurophy in my feet. I am not a diabetic. I have to change to different shoes everyday. I also use a Horse linament. Go to a Tack store and get it. It's green and it is spearment. Does not burn like other linaments.
    I hope this helps, I have Fibro for 10 years and counting.