Does anyone have pain with breathing deeply?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Solaris_Starr, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Solaris_Starr

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    One of my main symptoms is pain when breathing in deeply, so I have to keep my breaths shallow. It feels like my lungs are on fire when I take a deep breath. Sometimes it feels like I'm breathing through a bottle of cold glue.

    At times my heart just goes insane when this is happening. I can't go out in the cold, if I do I have to rap two wool scarves around my mouth and nose and breath in my hands. Cold air and wind gives me extreem chest pain and my lungs feel like I'm not getting enough air. I then feel dizzy and my heart starts pounding, I then have to sit down where ever I am.

    I have had exrays when this is happening, of course they see nothing????? I was told once by an internist that what I was having was similar to a lupic episode???? I have cardiac symptoms as well when this is happening. Of course I have had ecocardiograms, stress test on tread mill, more ecocardiograms, chest exrays...but everything seems fine according to the doctor??????

    Anyone else have this??

  2. kimkane

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    Nice to meet you. I also have these dd's.

    I have trouble getting a good deep breath also. Its almost like I forget to breath.

    People with fms are known to be shallow breathers. I don't remember where I heard this. Maybe others on here have heard the same thing.

    When I do my excersizes I try to remember to breath.

    The cold doesn't bother my breathing, just my legs. Thats where fibro effects me the worst.

    Have you ever been tested for lupus? Any lung tests?

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck to you.

  3. bpmwriter

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    i went to see a doctor today about chest heaviness, shortness of breath and i sometimes get the racing heart too. he did an EKG, normal of course. he attributes the chest symptoms to a new manifestation of the fibro pain. the racing heart is attributed to our wacky nervous systems and/or dysfunctional hypothalamus. do you take anything for pain? i wasn't currently taking anything for pain so he prescribed ultram. i started it right away and i haven't had any chest symptoms since this morning.

    sorry to hear you're suffering with this. i know it can be scary. it seems to be a very common component of the fibro beast.

  4. Jeanette62

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    Hi Sandy,

    I thought this was just one of those strange unexplainable symptoms that only I had. I have it much more mild than you do, but it's there just the same and very annoying and uncomfortable. I've asked my doctors about it and they have no explanation except my lungs are always clear.

    I've had the stress echo and echo cardio for other more severe chest pain that is different than what I get from breathing deeply. Those tests were normal.

    The fibro must affect the muscle tissues that we breath with and maybe that causes it. I've just come to accept it as one of the many odd symptoms that come with this condition that I can do nothing about and just have to live with. I did forgot to ask my new rheumy doc about it. He's more up on info, maybe he'll know what's going on.

    What's a lupic episode?

  5. fairydust39

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    The cold air hurts me too when I breathe. The Dr says I have Allergy Induced Asthma and gave me Singulair 10Mgs.,once a day. I have only taken one pill b/c I just went to the Dr today and it has helped me already. Hard to believe that I suffered all this time and didn't know it was Asthma.Ask your Dr for a breath test and they can tell from that if it may be a lung problem. I don't think x-rays will show anything.I have palpitations too. Not as bad as yours though.
  6. Solaris_Starr

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    I have had the breathing test done.........all clear???? Go figure. They just do not have any answers for me. All I know is it's driving me nuts and giving me the ebee gebees. As far as the docs are concerned, I have no allergies, no asthma.....I am so confused!

    Lupus is a inflamatory disease. It affects the lungs, heart, blood vesels, the epidermis (skin), arteries, kidneys, when you have a lupic episode several of you organs can be in a flare (become inflamed) such as the heart/lung combo if you will. It would end up causing endocarditis (inflamation of the sac that surounds the heart) and pluresy which is enflamation of the plurey (outer membrane of the lung. These episodes can last a long time and can flare and remis over and over. Lupus is kind of like CFIDS ecept you can die of it.

    Oh well back to the drawing board (doctors more test)

    hugs to all