does anyone have prob with feeling of hunger all the time?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by arod59_2, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. arod59_2

    arod59_2 New Member

    i feel like im hungry all the time, its an awful feeling i hate it! has anyone else had this prob an if so what do you do for it? thanks, dora
  2. wle

    wle New Member

    .........almost from the start when I started on amitriplein (sp). Gained 3lbs in 2 weeks and asked to be taken off it. Took my last ami on Tuesday night and can already notice the difference - my want to eat everything in sight urge is leaving me. I will start on topamax tonight or tomorrow night. WLE
  3. bamboo

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    it has been a problem for me for a long time. it gets much worse when i'm sleep deprived and when my hormones shift with my periods. i find that eating as few carbohydrates as possible, which includes eliminating sugar, along with working at eating quite a few vegetables and fruits and lean protein (for me, beef and fish, as i am allergic to poultry products and soy), drinking a couple of liters of water a day, taking all of my supplements, going to bed on time and getting some mild exercise as often as i can - all make a big difference. i can't seem to stay away from the carbohydrate cravings unless i follow through on the rest of the routine. i take trazodone for sleep and am not sure if that makes the hunger stuff better or worse, as i've been on it for years, but it has made a huge difference with my sleep.

    i'm no expert on this subject, so there may be different health issues involved for different people re. hunger, but this is how things are for me.

    what have you tried? and, i wish you good luck with this - it certainly remains a challenge.

  4. IgotYou

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    Boy, that's me. It drives me crazy. How can I be full and hungry at the same time? But I am. I wonder if it's part of the pain sensitivity thing, that the feelings in our stomach are amplified so they're interpreted as hunger. Or it could be we lack nutrients so our bodies keep asking for more food to correct the problem. What I do is eat a lot of raw carrots, chew a LOT of gum (helps with the dry mouth, too) and drink a LOT of water. I've also found I'm less hungry when I eat a lot of protein. For example, yesterday for lunch I ate more than half a chicken. And nothing else. I didn't even want dinner last night so I didn't eat it - and that's weird for me. Also, I am less hungry if I avoid carbs - the more of them I eat, the more hungry I am all the time.
  5. MissRachel

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    Hi Dora,
    I'm hungry all the time too. Even after a huge meal, I could eat again 1/2 hour later. I have put on the pounds from over eating, medication, lack of excerise and improper diet. So when I hit 160 that was it!

    Every time I get the munchies I eat an apple. (they are my new best friends- I eat up to 6 a day). I also only eat when I am hungry. This is my new diet from morning and noon/afternoon. In one sitting, say lunch, I have a sliced apple, small peice of cheese, bowle of yogurt and Bowel Buddy cookies (they have 11.5 grs of fiber per cookie and come in a pkg of two). This keeps me going for about three to four hours without getting "hungry" and if I do I have another apple.

    SO, like I said I started at 160 2 weeks ago and now i'm 148 :). And once i'm back to school I can get on the treadmill. I want to get back down to 120.

    I also stopped thinking i'm fat. And use possitive thinking like - knowing that I am making changes - makes me feel better.

    Sometime I do fall off (or on)LOL the bakery cart, but were only human.

    Good Luck,

  6. Goodday

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    I take Reglan, have tried Tegamet, Acifex, Pepsid and others for the gastro-relux disease. The pills make a person move gas and it makes me feel so hungry!! I used to have pain before hunger pangs, now it is just hunger pangs all day long. The moving gas can be heard across the room...ugh! In public I get some strange looks too! Just another part of this DD. Seems many of us have stomach problems. Goodday
  7. jadibeler

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    like my husband! He snacks constantly, always hungry. He'll eat a complete lunch or dinner, then ask for his crackers and "butter" (smart beat) and sit there as if he's not eaten in a week. At least I got him off the potato chips and dip. . .

    As for me, yes I'm now experiencing this exact thing. I was rarely hungry. I'd go all day, have a sandwich sometime after 4:00, no dinner until 10:00 or 11:00 (I'm up real late). Sometimes I wouldn't even eat dinner. But what I ate were sandwiches, meat and rice, potatoes, noodles and cheese. Apparantly all wrong, I read here.

    So I go on the Hg diet on Aug. 1st. I've been starving ever since. It doesn't matter if I get my stomach full on all this rabbit stuff I never ate before, I'm still hungry within 1/2 hour. And there's nothing I can just grab (which is how I eat, basically. Don't like to cook for myself). I finally made some sugar-free Jello yesterday and that helps a lot. I also stuffed a whole bunch of jalapeno peppers (most seeds removed) with cream cheese and topped them with sliced olives. That's about what I'm living on between meals, along with slices of cheese, and I'm into them all the time.

    This hunger thing is new to me and it's driving me out of my mind. I've got to come up with more "hor'dourve" type things I'm allowed to eat. I can't wait until I've been on the strict Hg diet for awhile and can go to the liberal diet where I can make myself some rolls out of rice, buckwheat (not wheat)or oat flours. I have recipes waiting!

  8. Goodday

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    Add a few drops of liquid lemon juice to the water. It helps the cells uptake the water better. And it quenches thirst in the heat of hot summer days. Works better than plain water. Goodday
  9. Ahorsesoul

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    OK, I am off to the store for cream cheese to go with the Jalapeno Pepper Jelly a friend gave me yesterday.