Does anyone have severe headaches which feel like your brain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wacquiebob, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. wacquiebob

    wacquiebob New Member

    might explode through your scull? What do you do when this happens.Did any medication in particular cause the problem or was it all the disease?
    Can you tell I am having a very rough day? I haven't decided to cry as yet or not.
  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    Yes, I have had those headaches....excrutiating.

    I have improved alot with long term doxycycline and other meds to treat the root cause...chronic infections like Borrelia (Lyme) and Bartonella.
  3. wacquiebob

    wacquiebob New Member

    Thanks for your replys. I rested and that helped some along with Fioricet. I had been exposed to some fumes in October, but the headache went away then and now it is back. Now I have a dull ache and my head feel "light" meaning I don't want to think about anything for fear the headache might worsen.
    I've got some nausea also. I hope it passes sooner rather than later. It is so hard to exist without your brain! I think that is one of the most frustrating aspects of this disease.
  4. deepak

    deepak Member

    I was not getting such bad headaches but the ones I was getting and the dizziness have been surely helped by nattokinase ( 4000 FU daily) and magnesium ( 500-1000 mg daily).

  5. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    if it's a type of migraine headache, then i use stemetil and paracetamol
  6. ceridwren

    ceridwren New Member

    Yes, I have these all the time...I can't even describe them as a headache. It more feels like you need to drain your head, It can almost feel like drilling a hole through your skull might be a great /tempting idea at times. These are a regular symptom for me know especially when I think to much ,feel to much [oh yes emotions can cause them] plus weather changes...[ie summer humidity,stormy weather etc...] and of course too much exercise/activity, noise, and sometimes theres no reason...they can last for indetermitab;le lenghts of time too. Yhis is a very disturbing symptom, Im sorry you have it also,Its become more prominent for me [while other endless infections] are less so...ive had this 6 years...I wonder how long youve had it, and if the head stuff has gotten worse for you over time...well, anyways ,take care and know you aren't alone.
  7. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I have been having some really bad ones but not quite that bad.. I wonder if it is about the weather we have been having.. and the our trigger points.. that I think is another issue too.. with headaches and our pains..
    Im sorry that You are having them.. I hope you feel better soon..
  8. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I have a lot of headaches, the past few months more than ever. I had thought it was due to a couple of new meds I was trying, but even after stopping them, the headaches continue.

    I have also had the thought of drilling a hole in my skull to relieve the pressure....not that I'd ever do that, or a straight shot of some pain meds in there sounds like such a good idea after days of nonstop headaches. Just make them go away!

    I am in perimenopause, 7 mos now without a period. I need to have a salivary hormone test done, have the kit, but can't afford the cost of the lab. Money is tighter than ever and we're having to cancel our insurance again...just can't afford it. Plus I'm VERY stressed out!

    My headaches are always accompanied by light/sound sensitivities... I'm always sensitive, but the headaches sometimes make me hide in my darkened room w earplugs to protect me from most noises.

    I can really relate to your dilemma, I am so tired of almost always having a headache. xoxoo
  9. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I had a headache a few days ago that was a bad one. I woke up with it and then it worsened thru out the day with added stress's of a mixup at the pharmacy and my doctor's office.
    I finally gave in and went to bed around 9:30, I was so sick to my stomache that I didn't take my pain meds as I was afraid they would come back up . I no sooner sat on my bed than the heaving began. I didn't throw up any thing just had the dry heaves for about 45 minutes.

    About an hour after the stomache settled down I finally took my pain meds and still struggled to sleep. I got up and went to my chair and rested closed my eye's but really didn't sleep much.

    When I get headaches like this I too need a dark room , a bit cooler than usual for me. I put on some relaxing music but kept the sound really low. When I woke up the next morning the headache was so much better and what was left over was gone quickly.
    All the time I had this headache I felt like my head would explode and I kept putting my hand on my head and put pressure on it as if that would keep my head on. My eye's hurt, brain hurt, sinus's hurt and so did my body.

    I went thru surgical menopause in 1990 at the age of 34. My doctor put me on hormomes but I still had hot flashes and headaches nothing changed there. I don't often get so sick to my stomache with headaches but this one was so bad that I would have screamed in pain if I thought I would have lived thru the added pain. I just laid in the bed with my eye's closed and praying that the pain would ease sooner than later.

    I have not be dx'ed with migraines but I have with tension headaches, this headache came on as soon as I opened my eye's and I was not tense about any thing.
    My stomache was so queasy all day long but at 9: 30 it didn't want any thing more in it. I had only had some juice and it stayed down but I sure hurt later from all the dry heaving. There is one thing I really hate and that is throwing up. It only makes my headaches worse, the pain intensifies and gets so bad that I just want to crawl in a hole and pull the hole in after me. Then my body flares after getting sick to my stomache, it is like all the muscles twist in different dirrections all at the same time and my body hurts so badly that I feel sick again. Thankfully after an hour or so I had a glass of milk and some saltines and they made my stomache calm down and every thing was much better then.

    I have been told over the years that my headaches are all in my head LOL ha ha. NOt funny, no one ever checked out to see why I was getting so many headaches,Finally I had a CAT scan done and of course every thing was normal. I don't know if the headaches are from havimng fibro, or MPS, or any of the other chronic pain illness's I live with. Most people and doctors still don't believe in chronic pain when there are no reasons for it. It upsets me to think that my doctor now is one of these doctors he tells me that I have stablized I don't know what that means, have I gotten to a lower dosage in my pain meds where he now feels comfortable? Or is it that the oesteo-arthritis has stablized and is not getting worse? Or is it the fibro , MPS, DDD, bulding disc's ect that all have " stablized " who knows, I just know that it is not helping me at all.

    I have used cold packs when my head aches really badly and they do help for a short time as I don't do well with extreme cold touching my body. I have tried every thing from strong narcoitic's to asprin and really still am in the dark as how to handle a headache that feels like my brain has been jackhammered , drilled and smacked all at the same time. I don't know why they start or why they go away either.

    I hope that you find help for your headaches. Rest drink lots of fluids and stay in a dark cool room and try to sleep. so far that is the only thing that really helps me.
  10. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    hi, tension headaches can often be felt in sore tight muscles of the head, neck, shoulders, press around these areas to see if painful. Temples, and Jaw muscles most painful just infront of ear, and behind the mandible, (jaw bone) under the ear, massage of all of these areas on a regularly basis, with warmth used first, can ease the muscle tension, muscles in the neck and facial jaw muscles often feel ropey, massage will be painful, but it does work. Reason being all these muscles are connected, and we especially tend to clench our jaw muscles when stressed or in pain. In fact with fibromyalgia the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system will automatically cause the muscles to involuntary clench.

    hope this helps
  11. FaithHopeCure

    FaithHopeCure New Member

    I have headaches every day that start in the late afternoon . When I get overwhelmed with noises and light they turn into migraines and I have to go to a quiet and dark room.

    On many days I will feel a strange sensation that feels like worms are burrowing through the sides of my head. It is a very creepy feeling. I know it is muscle spasms, but it is a very nerve racking experience. On those days I have to take Klonopin to get the brain spasms to stop.

    Yes. I agree massage helps, but when I am at My part time job I quickly roll on a product called biofreeze. It's a menthol cooling pain reliever. Works great for a temporary situation.

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