Does anyone have shorts in their brain function?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tsj62301, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. tsj62301

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    I've recently noticed that I will be having a conversation and miss parts of it. It is almost as if time has skipped or my brain just shut off and then came back on a few seconds later. I don't realize that it is happening until someone says " I just barely told you that! Weren't you listening?" I honestly didn't hear or see their mouth move. Nothing! It's just not there. Help!
  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    That is very typical, and one of the main resons that a bunch of us are unable to function well in a job. I have found that the Neurontin I am taking does help with this to a certain extent, but not to the point where I feel that I can go back to work. My friends understand, my family is trying to, and nobody else matters. This is now "me", and if you don't like me, so be it.

    ACYPHERT New Member

    I have been having lots of problems concentrating, remembering, finishing sentences, etc. It seems to be getting worse and worse. Does anyone have any ideas for help?
  4. jpswife_4boys

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    You described what I go through perfectly. I have brain fog all the time. I get confused so easily. I'll be in the middle of a sentence and I go completely blank. I don't hear half of what people say. My brain seems to turn to mush from time to time.
  5. kerrymygirl

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    First I swear by Dr. starlanly`s book. She addresses these quirks,should use a stronger word. I was so scared one day when I got up and knew I had a bathroom just did not know how to get there. She adressed it, and is a mensa,when she had the same thing happen to her it put my mind at ease,well for awhile till it happened out on the road<she explains so much inlaymens terms and for doc`s,she is one. I used to do this almost everyday until neurontin. Now it has lessened. Most of my pts. at clinic expressed this was one of the most upsetting to most. Try to laugh at yourself when it happens. It probably happens when the neurotransmitter are not insinc. I could not even remember my parents names when I was introducing them. Too many stories we should have a once aweek post on all the stupid stories to help others not feel soooo alone. I go to the store and try to figure out what the bleep I`m there for until I get home and find my list I forgot. Try your best not to let it get to you. (I even called about an alzhiemers study) This is so common with us so try to relax about it. What was your name again.????<<<your not alone>>>Do not be hard onyourself!!!!
  6. queenieB

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    Oh, I feel for you all, especially you, lifedancer, who described that nightmarish "job interview". let me tall you about the dumb attack I had this morning. I teach chilbirth education at a local hospital. I was a midwife until fibro made it impossible for me to practice. Now I teach childbirth and breastfeeding classes.

    I am a "reasonably" intellegent person, or so I thought until today. I was getting ready to show my class a video on a TV/VCR combo that I have used several times at work.
    I popped in the video and started pushing the volume butoon, and could NOT get the volume to go up. At all.

    I made a joke about being technologically challenged and asked one of the Dads to take a look at it for me. To my horror, I had been pushing the "lower the volume button" right next to the "increase the volume button" but I could not figure out what I was doing wrong !

    I was mortified. I am quite sure that the couples in my class thought "Good grief, why should we listen to another thing she has to say if she can't even turn up a TV".LOL

    Anyway, I think this aspect of fibro is one of the most frustrating. To make it worse, the meds I take to function seem to slow me down intellectually too.

    Well, I'm preaching to the choir :)
    Gentle Hugs to All,
  7. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Just tonight at the dinner table - we say grace before we eat. We were having hamburgers so after I put mine together I asked my husband if we'd said grace. I could not remember and sure enough he said we had. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Where was I? Yikes!
  8. loonie

    loonie New Member

    At least it does come around once in a while-lately my brain has been on a sabbatical.

    First was with my paperwork for my paycheck. I am a caregiver for a disabled person, and I have to complete paperwork, putting down my hours, the chores I did and my mileage. For my Jan. 15 pay period I methodically filled out my days I worked, put in all the chores I did, and then went to fill out my mileage. I proceeded to mail it to my supervisor and waited for my check to appear. Feb.1-no check!!! I had forgotten to put in my hours that I worked-my supervisor sent the paperwork back, but I get the mail at the PO and was just too tired to pick it up for about a week, so guess who had to "make do" for two weeks w/o a paycheck.AARRGGHH!!!

    Second was last Friday. My client lives in a rural area and has limited water supply, so we use two washers and transfer the water between them to wash more than one load with the same water. She had just gotten a new washer because the second one had given out. Combine the new washer with the fact that she had company with four mischeivious (sp?) children and disaster struck with my fibro brain. I lost count of the number of times and ways I spilled water on the floor (and walls) during the washing experience.

    Those were just two of the most recent brain "farts" of mine!! LOL

    Loonie >^..^<
  9. popgun

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    I take every chance to tell all how I got the fibro fog, fatiuge, and cog memory at a minimum.( Stupid story to follow) Have had FMS since early 70s,4 yrs ago I read about a new treatment.50mgs Elivil in combo with 20 mgs Paxil taken 2hrs before bed. In 3 days a real improvement and its still working."NOW THE REST OF THE STORY." Just today I had a LoL at myself. Was watching TV and had my TV tray up with my eats, cell phone, pager, TV remote and potable phone on it ready to go. Not that I have a lot going just waiting to hear from my daughter, she allways calls at meal time. I went to change the channel on the tv, X&%###!!>:" remote won't work,tried somemore and moving it around and getting it lined up with the dish receiver ##@%xx!, still wont work,now im pressing real hard on the trio of 144 I look into my hand only to find I had been trying to change the channel with the "PORTABLE PHONE"
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  10. tsj62301

    tsj62301 New Member

    Thank you for all your input it just helps to know that the things that happen to me happen to other people and that im not completely brain disfunctional and alone.

    thanks again
  11. mamafrey1

    mamafrey1 New Member

    OMG, it is so nice to read that i am not the only one. I am only 40 and my oldest daughter who is 20 thinks that i am an alzhemires (wrong Spelling, sorry). Anymore i get to where when i spell i don't even know if the spelling is right or wrong. Sometimes when people are talking to me, my mind goes blank. Going to the bank to do the banking is almost a joke anymore. We have our own business. I have screwed up sooooo many times. I really am getting to the point i don't trust myself anymore. My husband is sooo good about it though. He never says a word. Problem is as that i am blond, and i get to many blond jokes out of it. OH WELL! Have a good day. mamafrey