does anyone have small children????

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    I have a rambunctious 3 year old boy. I have such a hard time keeping up with him. He is ALL boy too. Likes to run, climb, jump and wrestle. I want to play with him, but he hurts me sometimes. I have tried to explain to him that mommy is "sick" and that he has to be gentle with me but he has a sensory processing disorder and LOVES roughness. I'm at a loss of what to do. I love my little guy so much but I feel like I am cheating him out of living sometimes because I can't keep up with him. I just hate it!!! I want to be the fun mommy that gives him great times and memories. I don't want him to loathe me and feel like I'm a bore. Sorry to go on like this but this is just another part of my life that this damn disease has stolen from me.
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    I became very sick when my last baby was 1 yo. At age 3 I could no longer take care of him all day. He stayed with me in the am til 11:30. Then went to a small daycare with a nice playground. He took his lunch, ate with the others, napped and then played til 5:00pm. It clearly was not what I wanted to do but he did enjoy it.

    Our town has nice playgrounds, so with resting for the afternoons, I was able to take him to playgrounds at other times. Any playgrounds in your area?

    I know it is hard...