Does Anyone Have Terrible Mood Swings Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, May 12, 2006.

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    Nice to have you people to talk to, gezz I am wondering if I am going crazy or what? The moods I can get into are just nuts. I can change like the weather, or worse, from one minute to another. I can be fine one minute, then crying, then angry, then I look on my call display, decide if I am going to answer it or not, hate life, love life, cannot make decision, hate people, love people, happy , not happy, angry, sad, depressed, up then down, so moody, no one understands me. I don't know who I am either.. Really !!! Then when I am well, you wouldn't believe who I become, like wild fire, I'm up, dressed so nice, working pt, downtown, shopping, and doing so much, I become a different person, but this is who I really am, I begin to think I might have beat this DD, and forget to come on here even..but it comes back believe me.. . My sister is an astroligist (by profession) she does peoples chart for money...she says to me all the time, oh don't worry its just you..."you are a (sagitaurius) they are all over the place in there heads..( a little spacy) or I think maybe I am ADD, I do have all the signs..or it could be menopause, my head is a like a business, with no business, goes on and on.... I have never been diagnosed with anything but fibro/chronic fatigue, and depression though...But ADD can be not that easy to pick up right? right now my daughter is being tested, she is all over the place now too, but she's a teen-ager though...or sometimes I think its my recovering alcoholism..just feeling feelings I am used to numbing with alcohol, afterall this dam disease has changed all of ours lives, at least mine, finacially, mentally, emotionally, and of course spiritually. I have a supportive boyfriend, thank-god, he also notices the swing moods, but he finds it exciting, can you believe it. He says he never knows what to men eh????? can't understand em I find myself getting exhausted myself with all the different swing moods, I never know from hour to hour what mood I am going to swing to, even the guilt one, I hate that one. Really I think this is what causes me to get more tired at times...I really try to stop this, and stay in stable mood, somewhere in the middle, but at times, I don't even want to answer my phone, as something comes over me (don't know what!!) and I am not even to talking to anyone, as I feel they don't understand me. Then maybe a hour later I might feel like. this normal...wonder if all you do this? My doctor told my topomax help this, (mood swings) don't know..but its hard on me, its tiring..I have really changed, my whole personality. I am defineatly not who I used to be. Like today, I am not into answering the phone, just don't want to talk to anyone at all...maybe it'll pass, or maybe it won't, but I am not in the mood to talk to anyone who doesn't understand me...sharon5650
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    Hun you have to space your words as much as possible.

    In mini paragraphs.Hit enter twice between each paragraph.

    Then I think you will get more replies.

    That close together is too hard to read.And causes nausea
    from the strain of reading.

    Good luck! Take Care!!
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    My son was diagnosed with ADD, but if you look at some of the symptoms they go right with FMS. Not being able to focus, mental fog, etc. He isn't hyperactive at all, just has days where he can't focus. Looking back I was so much like him at his age and that scares me for him.

    He also complains a lot with muscle aches, fatigue, headaches and depression and he is only 12. I have asked his Dr to send him to a specialist for FMS and she says that it is growing pains which I know is bull. I have made him an appt with a different Dr hoping to find out for sure.

    He also suffers from mood swings. I do too, the part where you said you didn't want to answer the phone cause you just didn't want to talk to anyone, that hit home with me. I am usually an outgoing person but I get in moods often where I just don't want to deal with anyone outside hubby and son. Almost introvert, which is not who I am.

    Have you been checked for Bi-polar? It might just be the FMS but it might also be something else. My mom has FMS but she was also diagnosed with bi-polar and meds have helped her with it.

    I also was making the mistake of typing straight through without putting any spaces in until someone brought it to my attention and I realized it bothered me to try and read it too.

    It's just another crazy FMS thing. I wonder how that affects people trying to study in school? You know it has to.

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