Does anyone have this????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by andyM, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. andyM

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    I was diagnosed with Fibro about 5 years ago, but have been suffering for about 8 years.

    My muscles in my upper back hurt all the time. It is a deep burning pain. When I am having a bad flare up, they hurt so bad. They get so sore, I feel sometimes they affect my breathing. The muscles around my chest cavity get so tight that everything hurts, and I feel like I cant get to the top of my breath. This is a hard sensation to describe, but I was wondering if anyone else could relate to this? I was also wondering if severe muscle tension in that area could actually cause that sensation?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can share or help.
  2. stillafreemind

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    You explained perfectly how I feel at times with my upper bod. The best relief I get is from my chiropracter. I get ultrasound on the large back muscle that runs up by the shoulder..then I get a treatment .. It kinda gets it loosened up so that it lets go of my chest muscles and I can take a deep breath again...make sense?

    Just hang in there is all I can tomorrow..there may be a new symptom to try and figure out!!<G> I find these symptoms cyclical..for an hour, a day, a month..

    Read Jellybellys article is fantastic. Hope your back gives you a break today..have you tried soaking in a tub or whirlpool yet? Sometimes it helps to bring the muscle out of spasm...good luck..Sherry
  3. Milo83

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    Yes, I have been there with the upper back and chest muscles that I feel like I can't take a deep breath..That was actually the first signs of FM that I had..
    What helps me is to TRY to relax, use some heat, and take a Xanax or a muscle relaxer..Doesn't take it away, but sure does help, especially with the breathing thing..
    Take Care.......Hang in there..........Donna
  4. andyM

    andyM New Member

    You guys, Thank you so much for responding! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone!!!! And that other people can relate to what I am feeling! Thank you for taking the time to post back to me.

    This too is how my FMS started and what got me originally to the doctor. I thought it was my lungs, and had all the tests. Nothing found, ofcourse. But here I am 7 years later, and still dealing with the same symptoms.

    Yes, I agree its cyclical. Sometimes I have the really bad pain and breath probs for 1-3 weeks, then nothing for a few months (or minor). I have tried everything, and nothing works. I also agree, trying to relax does help. Otherwise if I try to work to hard to get that deep breath, it makes it worse and I end up over breathing or in worse shape (I think thats alot of anxiety related stuff too).

    If anyone else has any comments, suggestions, or advice, please post. You have no idea how much help you could be giving a fellow sufferer.

  5. Spoonerpaws

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    Yes I have this!

    It is hard to describe to a doctor - It is upper back and then it also feels like it affects my chest.

    I have cervical stenosis which may attribute to the problem

    Ultrasound Therapy and Heat does help
  6. andyM

    andyM New Member

    What is cervical stenosis?

    What is Ultrasound Therapy, and what does it do? Do you feel it? Is it expensive? Do only chiro's do it? What about heat therapy?
  7. andyM

    andyM New Member


    What do you do to help this? Do any of you ever feel that by over trying to get that deep breath, it makes it worse and makes your muscles hurt more?

    I know I cant be alone in this, so if anyone has any relief suggestios I could do myself? I cant afford a chiropractor and my ins doesnt cover it. :(

  8. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    in fact I went to the doc the other day to make sure it wasn't the asthma getting worse. He assured me I was getting air, but I've learned to get a deep breath in two stages. I breathe in as far as I can, pause for a second, and then finish inhaling. It works a lot of the time. Also, a while back I learned that I was breathing incorrectly, trying to hard to breathe "chest raising" instead of "belly breathing". Relaxing and "belly breathing" helps a lot too. This is the first I've heard of someone else having the problem. I'm sorry for everyone else, but so glad I don't have some other weird thing. Have a good evening, and breathe easy.
  9. JadeFire

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    Sometimes when those pressure points are really inflammed, my shoulders/back get really tense and it expands to my chest. I have no way to get to a chiro... it's enough work trying to find a way to a normal doctor. What I tend to do is massage/poke around my shoulders/neck/upper back. Plus, I have a couple massagers, one is a full chair type, and the other is hand held and has heating massage balls. Really nice for that, but unfortunately to ease that pain, I have to go through some more first. You have to massage the pressure points themselves, since they're the 'eye of the storm' so to speak, but doing so literally brings tears to my own eyes. Afterwards it's so wonderful though. I'd rather go through temporary more painful pain then longer less painful pain.

    Grab a cervical pillow sometime, one with magnets. If you can find one of those 'as seen on TV' stores, they have them. If not, look online, there are some really nice ones. Just make sure it has magnets, it'll do a two for one deal with the magnets (improve circulation, ease pain is what the magnets'll do... while the pillow itself supports your neck, eases the stressm, lessens the pain).

    Try and keep some kind of notes when that same kind of pain starts. What were you doing before it started, when it started, after it started? I don't know about you, but all the different kinds of pain FMS brings is quite... overwhelming. The best way to tackle things that bother us tons, is to try and figure ways to keep them away as much as possible.

    The only thing we can do is ease pain... not cure it. A lot of the best things can be done by yourself if you know how. Besides what meds can't. Haha.
  10. oregoncoyote

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    I too have had the burning pain in my back, first due to a spinal cord tumor and after that was taken out--then due to the fibromyalgia. My angel of a pain specialist gives me 2 mgs. of Diazepam. When she first suggested it, I resisted because I had a very bad experience with this years ago but it was 25 mgs. She said this was a very small dose and would act as a muscle relaxer. It works great and within about 30 to 40 minutes the burning completely goes away. Hope this helps.
  11. andyM

    andyM New Member

    It really made my day to know that other people have this!! I thought something was really wrong with me, and the doctors were missing something.

    I too massage my trigger points. It hurts so bad, but its almost good pain to me at times. It feels like I am "hitting the source". Do you know what I mean? Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes too b/c it hurts so bad, but its almost a good hurt. Hard to explain.

    What I have tried to do with the breathing thing, when I get that tight burning feeling and I cant get that deep breath, I try and STOP trying to get it. I just take normal breaths, wait for the muscles to relax a bit, and then try again. Otherwise if I try too hard, it just gets worse and I cant get the deep breath at all, and my muscles burn like Hell.
  12. hurricane

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    Bless your heart. I have been at the point of hurting every where. About 2 months ago I decided I would try the chiropractor locally. I went for about 1 and a half months 3 times a week. He did wonders for me. I'm still not 100% but who at 56 is. I've had Fibro for about 7 years and this is the best I've felt. I did exercises at home at my own pace and he adjusted me in the office. The adjustments hurt terribly at times, but in the long run I can really see an improvement. Another thing that helps sometime is a warm to hot shower/soak in the tub. I also feel better when I have walked at my own pace and my own length. I believe the best medicine for FM is specific to each person who has it. Just keep trying different things and you'll find your best thing. One medicine I take is Oxycontin and it has done wonders for me. Before it, I was taking a lot of pain meds to not much avail. A good knowledgable health care provider in one of the most important things you can have to improve your pain,etc. Good luck. I hope some of this helps you. Keep tuned to this site-It is wonderful and so informative.
  13. Iamme

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    I was convinced that I had lung cancer!!! When I first starting having that throbbing, burning pain (only on my right side) I thought I had bronchitis- I had it once many years ago and that is how I remembered that it felt...
    I hate that you have this but am releived that I am not the only one...
  14. jbg

    jbg New Member

    I too have had this problem. I have found that if I stop and sink my shoulders down, and just slowly breath with my belly, it does help. I also listen to special music to lessen stress. When I get home at night, I sit in the hottub,(which my wonderful husband got for me)all by myself and just close my eyes and breath. When at work, is do a figure eight on the back of a padded chair with my shoulders to releave muscle tension. If you can't use a hottub like me, try using a bathtub. Just sit and soak for about 20 min. I use the hotest water possible with out burning myself. I sometimes use the epson salt and peroxide recipe when camping to relax.
    I hope some of this helps....