does anyone have trouble thinking clear?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I"ve been having trouble thinking,clear sometimes I have to read things over to understand them.
    its kind of scarry for me.I"ve been feeling very uneasy and like I just can"t sit still.

    just wanted to know if anyone else feels this way, I feel very nervous and everything upsets me ,even things on t.v.

    usually I can pray and listen to tapes and they help now I find even the voice on the c.d.,s tend to get on my nerves.

    just thought maybe someone on the board would have some suggestions to help. I"m not on any Meds so its not that.

  2. abcanada

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    Hi, this seems to be an ongoing problem with me. I've been in alot of pain for the last almost two years. I constantly put things off, as I can now recognize when it's a bad time to try to think rationally about something. That's almost always. I also have 4 small kids, and the constant 'chitter' does not help. It does scare me too, as I feel very out of control and out of touch with certain aspects of my life. Lately, I'll go into a room for something, and entirely forget why!!! Not once in awhile, but everyday. I also put off taking care of our finances, in fear I'll make a mistake or bad decision. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm in pain ALL the time, or there is something else going on with my ability to THINK. I have an MRI on Monday, so I'll be very interested to see if there is anything going on.(my doc seems to think there may be). I said to her the other day, my symptoms have been going on for soo long now that I have no idea what normal is anymore. Wishing you good health, Laura
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  3. tinktink

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    What was that we were talking about..... oh yeah thinking clearly. I wish I could remember the word for it but it seems to have slipped my mind...
    okay enough off making light of it. Yes! for me it seems to be a part of this dd and part of it could just be we are getting older and out minds slow down with the rest of out body.
    If it is concerning you then I would recomend talking to your doctor about it but there are a lot of us out there who are just one more cookie shy in the cookie jar.

    Best Wishes to you Diana
  4. ckball

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    Yes, I have clear thinking issues too. I also had the noise thing too/ I hated going to Walmart, the speaker drove me crazy.

    Then I started Klonopin and the noise problems wer better. Then I went on Adderall for ADD and it helped with my thinking. All tho I still have problems retaining what I just read. Sometimes I can read something 3 or 4 times and still can't retain it.

    Hope you find out what is causing yours-Carla
  5. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Yes there are definitely problems with my thinking.

    Especially in certain areas. I can read a book as long as I am not too tired but ask me to read written directions and I really have trouble. I read the words over and over again but can't pull it all together.

    Numbers are also something I have problems with. Financial decisions are full of stress and worry and that makes it difficult for me to follow or make any kind of decision.

    I can't memorize telephone numbers or retain prices of things in my head. So frustrating for someone who used to be a honors student in school.

    Add any stress or tension or annoying noise (like kids playing in the background, or extra pain) and I just can't concentrate. My brain just can't tune out all the distractions and I feel panicky and lost!

    Cognitive problems were one of the big issues that caused me to leave my job. I was working in a busy insurance office, I was the newest employee and the stress was terrible. I was supposed to deal with the public, answer phones, handle half the case load, all this and work with 2 women who were sarcastic and condescending.

    I fell apart! One day I couldn't go back to work, I sat and cried for hours! My father drove me to emerg because I couldn't stop crying. It took me a long time to come back from that emotional place.

    My cognitive function has improved as long as my stress levels are low and the noise and confusion levels are also low. I refuse to believe this is old age as I am only in my 40's.

    hugs Redwillow
  6. MsE

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    In fact, a year ago I had my doc check me for Altzheimers. Thank goodness it is "just" CFS brain fog.
  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I"m not glad that other people have this ,but it helps to know I"m not alone.
    I know some have suggested to see the DR, but I have no faith in the Dr I have to go to and every time I go its just to stressful on me.
    but of course if I don"t start feeling better I"ll have no choice in the matter.
    I know I have a Dr phobia,there,s another topic that I"m sure other people have besides me.
    but thanks for being here, it helps .

  8. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I've read somewhere that sensory overload is a problem with fibros. Too much noise, light, etc. can be overwhelming to me.

    The same thing happened to me as Redwillow. My cognitive thinking wore out! I worked as an inventory analyst for a major retailer. There were so many things I was responsible for. Reports to be examined, worked with numbers and hand held computer all day, that kind of thing. I also had to train newbies on this job. Just couldn't keep up anymore.

    And talk about sensory over-load. In a retail store with all that over-head paging, cordless phones to answer and carry around. Not to mention all those lights! Eeek, it's a wonder I survived at all.

    My granddaughter thinks her name is Maggie, Jeremiah, uh Kaleigh. Can't help it. Drives me nuts, and that's a short trip.

    Hoping you have a joy filled day,