Does anyone have trouble with fever blisters,mouth ulcers,etc..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shelle16, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Shelle16

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    Hello everyone
    I have had a hard time lately with fever blisters and some form of ulcers inside my mouth and on my tongue(especially)painful.They are causing me great pain in discomfort like I need anymore pain. If anyone has this problem or a quick cure,solution,etc. any help will be so appreciated Just wondering if it Fibro connected oor something I'm eating

  2. Shelle16

    Shelle16 New Member

    I found out alot of info now I need to know where to puchase tree oil
  3. hideycat

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    have you tried eating yogurt or taking acidiophilus capsules. Work wonders.

    I get mouth sore when taking antibiotics or under stress. the flora and fauna of the intestine gets unbalanced and I get sores.

    If you can hold the yogurt in your mouth on the sore place for a few minutes that also helps. Or dap a bit of yogurt on the facial ones.

    But the capsules are the easiest!

    Hope this helps you.
  4. sunflowertgp

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    Oh yes,
    I have the mouth ulcers, and the little blisters in my mouth, and on my tongue. I get realy exhausted, and diarhea, and whatever else goes along with it. For a whileI was getting the mouth ulcers one right after the other. I get some over the counter base ointment. it's like a paste, I think it is called oradase.
    good luck
  5. stillafreemind

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    I have read that both CoQ 10 and Grapeseed extract capsules are really good for an ailing moouth.

    I sure hope you find relief soon, it is very painful going through what you are. ..Sherry
  6. motherjo

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    HELLO: Yes I Have that problem sometimes, I ask my Doctor about them and He gave a rx for something called MAGIC MOUTHWASH 15CC 4 TIMES A DAY SWISH AN SWALLOW. IT Really worked fast,ask your dr about it. motherjo
  7. Shelle16

    Shelle16 New Member

    Thanks everyone for all the input on mouth ulcers/blisters I will start experimenting as soon as possible let you know what works teh best for me.