Does anyone here have FM and MS both ?

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    INITAHUG New Member

    I have FM and have had it for three years now, I have NEVER had what you would call a

    "remission" or a break from it. I have had constant pain in my upper and lower body like the

    usual fibro stuff, and all the symptoms, for the last three years. The last two months tho I

    havent had any upperbody pain, which is very unusual for me because it would go back and

    forth on me constantly, but now my legs hurt so bad with constant acheing and sharp pains,

    and my muscles around my knees swell up so bad that I cant bend my knees, or somedays

    even walk because my legs and feet hurt so bad I cant put any pressure on them, and the

    muscle on my foot is so tight that I cant move my foot up and down or sideways, and It just

    feels like my muscle died, and turned to stone. I wasnt sure if you could have FM and MS

    together, and how would you even tell the diffrence, because I'm always in pain from the FM

    I just usually ignore new things and write it off to fibro. If anyone has both, I would love to

    hear how you found out, or how to tell the difference, or even what to do.

  2. loto

    loto Member

    I only know that I have Fibromyalgia. I say that because I was only diagnosed with it almost 2 years ago, and so far that's all that I know for sure!!!! Scary, huh?

    Anyway, I'm sure others will probably be able to tell you more than I know, but I DO know that most doctors have you get an MRI of your brain to see if there are lesions anywhere. I think that's one of the protocol for diagnosing MS. I had one done to rule MS out, anyway.

    But, I remember someone on here saying that just because a person doesn't have any lesions that show up on an MRI of the brain doesn't neccessarily mean they don't have MS.

    I hope someone else replies to your post who can give you more advice.

    I'm so sorry you have all the leg/knee/feet problems. I've never experienced anything like that constantly.

    I wish you all the luck in finding out what you need to, and can get treatment!


    PS, nice to meet you, I don't remember ever seeing you on here before. Welcome!

    PSS, just read your bio and see you have a micro chihuahua! I have one too,although not a micro, and if you look at my bio, there he is, as my profile picture!!!
    He is my litle monkey-man! I love him to death, and he loves me too. He always makes me feel better! His name is Corky, but I always call him by his nickname, Little Arthur.[This Message was Edited on 04/02/2010]
  3. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I'm having tons of MS symptoms like numbness, major brain fog, muscle weakness, gait, can't control left foot or right hand that well, burning, jerking, twitching optic neuritiswith vision loss etc etc. which all occurred years later(8) afte rmy initital fibro diagnosis. Most of the scary symptoms raised there head when I've tried to treat lyme with herbs and now most recently took some drugs--

    Even with all of my symptoms my MRI is normal and since I can walk a straight line, touch my eyes with eyes closed and other MS type tests and my muscle strength is good according to neuro even though I am as weak as jello these days the neuro says no MS.

    From your description it does not sound like MS- usually MS is numbness, heat intolerance, major fatigue, hermites effect etc-

    You could go to neuro to get checked out my neuro-it would probably set you at ease if you're worrying about it.

    Normally they do confirm diagnosis with an MRI and usually there are lesions--but there are many who are in wheel chairs with no lesions or very few. They probably know as much about MS as they know about CFS and FMS.

  4. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Sorry you are in so much pain.

    I had a fibromyalgia diagnosis for 21 years before discovering on my own that it was caused by a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme).

    Lyme can also cause symptoms that look like MS.

    Please take a look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 and the coinfection symptom info p 22-27....
  5. shirley1259

    shirley1259 New Member

    and my husband has MS. I really dont think from your description that it is MS. My husband has alot of numbness, loss of muscle control, alot of cognitive issues and fatigue. However he has no pain although I do know of some people with MS that do have pain. I agree with the others that you might want to get checked by a neurologist if you are concerned about it. They will probably do an MRI to see if there are any lesions, if there is the next step would be a spinal tap. I have learned that MS is one of the harder diseases to diagnose. I know that optic neuritis is one of the warning signs and that is how my husband first found out. Hope this helps.
  6. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I started in the 80's with pain..........then Lupus Dx.......joint pain........4 years ago after a horse accident, Fibro joined the "club", and since then have major pain and increase in all prior symptoms.

    After so long, I've given up in knowing what is what; just treating the symptoms.

    Spent too many years researching and just kept progressing into more & more severity.

    Bad story, but it's mine, and hopefully not yours.

    Gentle Hugs.............'c

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