does anyone here take pain meds and fatigue meds ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Iggy_RN, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Iggy_RN

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    Any suggestions out there?It might be a silly question, but I take oxycodone for pain along w/elavil, thyroid, prozac, and doxycycline. But my fatigue is getting so much worse, I exercise, Ive tried everything except ritalin/provigil which I have heard people take sometimes. I need feedback on this. I even tried to stop the elavil, but that did not lessen the fatigue. Is this common for FM sufferers to combine the two? Thanks, Iggy
    PS< I have tried natural boosters, such as B12 which I still use (sunlingual) and everything else in the healthstore! And I also went w/out pain meds to see if that was the problem, but I still felt the same way.
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  2. MtnDews

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    Yes, I do. I'm on the duragesic patch, Lexapro, and Adderal (Ritalin gave me headaches). I hear that it's not good to take the anti-depressants with stimulants, but if I didn't, I'd sleep through life. I've changed meds many times and also tried supplements to no avail. This is the only way I can stay awake. It helps with some of the brain fog.
    Today's problem is a bladder infection. ALWAYS something!
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    Hi Iggy, first I want to say congratulations on returning to school. Second, I also take pain meds, I get very upset with myself for taking them. But I know I take them only for the pain, which is EVERYDAY anymore. (since the beginning of this year). I take Ultram for breakthrough, and mild pain, and vicodin es for my severe pain. However, I do find there are times when the vicodin isnt enough, so I end up taking too much, just to ease the pain up enough to move and have a life. Otherwise, Im afraid, I wouldnt be going to work, or doing anything but wanting to just dye from it all.
    I am very tired. I just want to sleep. I right now..was thinking of calling off from go back to sleep. But I cant. I havent schelduled my EMG yet, to be able to reschedule with my rheumy. But I will ..hopefully today.
    Best of luck, Tracy
  4. Iggy_RN

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    I am just sort of stuck, and dont know what to do w/fatiguw anymore... Thanks, Blessings, Iggy
  5. DeMcKen

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    I've found that it's not a long term solution. They do help with mental alertness for me but not the actual fatigue. I would (and could) still nap with them and, after a while, they made me very jumpy and jittery. the yucky feeling outweighed the small benefit I got from them. But everyone is different so it might be worth trying,

  6. epicurean

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    I have FM,CMP, and other pain and I am on percocet,zanaflex(sometimes).lidoderm patch and I have been on provigil for about over a year,it is still helping me overcome my fatigue,and am on same dose as I started on.It surly works different on everyone.I could not manage without it!!I don't notice any side effects.
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  7. tulip922s

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    My situation sounds very similiar to yours. The fatigue is overwhelming and I spend 16 - 18 hours a day in bed or on the couch just to get a few good hours out of bed.

    I orginally started out with CFS and a year later develped FM and am now on Elavil, Darvacet, and Vicoden when is unbearable. I had servere fatigue before the pain meds and don't feel they are the cause of my fatigue. I have also had times, sometimes as much as a couple of weeks at a time when I didn't require pain meds, and the fatigue was still there.

    I have tried Ritalin and Provigil,,,,both gave me the shakes, jitters, and a really, really bad headache. My rhuemy says he has alot of patients having luck with them, just didn't work for me. Best of luck. Tulip
  8. Iggy_RN

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    need all the info I can get!!! Iggy
  9. pearls

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    I take both, too. In fact, here's my daily rundown:

    Prevacid, 30 MG daily (gas, bloating)

    Advair, 100/50 daily (asthema)

    Guaifenex G 2400 MG daily (FMS, recurring sinus infections)

    Celebrex 400 MG daily (pain)

    Oxycontin 120 MG daily (pain)

    Atenolol 50 MG daily (palpatations)

    Zoloft 100 MG daily (FMS, depression)

    Neurontin 1500 MG total (nerve damage pain, sleep)

    Remeron Sol Tab 30 MG (sleep)

    Allegra 60 MG daily (recurring sinus infections)

    Lipitor 10 MG daily (high cholesterol)

    Provigil, 200 MG daily (sleepiness, fibrofog)

    Also as needed:

    Hydrocodone/apap 5/500 tab, 0-6 per day (emergency pain)

    Dombivent, 2 puffs (asthema)

    See, you're not alone. I suspect the tiredness would subside if you could get enough quality sleep, which you almost assuredly don't since this is a hallmark of fibromyalgia. Work on getting that quality sleep. If you do that, you'll be less tired, in less pain, and will be more alert.

    Also, pay attention to your diet. You may be suffering from reactive hypoglycemia. Dr. R. Paul St. Amand and Dr. Devin J. Starlanyl have written about this in fibromyalgia. They suggest going on a limited carbohydrate diet, especially limiting the more refined sugars. The trouble is we feel almost immediately better when we eat these sugars - and we crave them! But, in the long haul, we do much better without them, usually after seven to ten days.

    Dr. Starlanyl especially recommends the Zone diet books by Barry Sears. Mr. Sears has wonderful credentials and developed the diet to save his own life (men in his family were dying of heart disease at very early ages). To make this as simple as possible, I can tell you that the best ratio for balancing your food is to eat 30% of your diet in fats, 30% in protein, and 40% in carbohydrates. Bear in mind that it does not take a lot of fat to comprise 30% of your diet. Fats are essential for decreasing the flow of carbohydrates into the bloodstream and to decreasae carbohydrate craving. Eat protein with every meal and every snack. This helps you to use up fat stored in your body. Also, excercise regularly to decrease the insulin in your blood.

    Dr. Starlanyl says you'll feel extremely fatigued when you start the diet and you'll need to sleep a lot. This is part of what your body has to do to rebalance. In the long run, you'll be a lot healthier and you'll find it easier to maintain optimal weight, as well.

    Finally, you must learn to pace yourself. I think it was Dr. Derek Erlander who said a good rule of thumb is to do only half of what you think you can do. When we feel good, we tend to overdo our working and playing, but we pay for it dearly the next day and perhaps for days after that! We end up on a fatigue vicious cycle.

    Good luck. Read and learn so you can be the head of your medical team. That is what you must learn to do if you wish to get better.