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  1. rrsbaby

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    in the Fredericksburg VA area?

    I have filed for ssi, but expect to be denied the first time, so I am trying to get "ducks in a row" to know what to do next.

    Driving is very difficult for me due to osteoarthritis in spine, disc worn out, spurs ect. So... I would like to find an attorney that is good and close by.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    There should be several Bar Associations listed in your phone book. Or ask at a law library: county, city, law school, etc.

    Most associations will give you a list of attys who specialize in what you are looking for. (But they will not comment on the firm.)
  3. yuckie

    yuckie New Member

    I'm using Scott Davis in Phoenix, Arizona. He takes cases all over the country and has a 95% success rate. He does all of his work with his clients by phone, mail, email and fax. So far, I'm very happy with him. If you want to find him, just Google his name. Good Luck!
  4. sh2angel

    sh2angel New Member

    haven't won my case yet but I an now waiting on ALJ Hearing.
  5. sdjones

    sdjones New Member

    Hey! Hope you are doing o.k. I just wanted to recommend the attorney that I have been using for the past one year and four months. His name is Alec G. Sohmer and I believe I have finally found a good attorney.

    My other attorney was local and I believed she knew what she was doing, but, about a year into our association together I knew I had horribly messed up in regard to choosing an attorney. She didn't know the first thing about CFS and she didn't even try to educate herself about this disabling disease. She even laughed at my hearing before the ALJ! Talk about discouraging!!

    So, I was doing an online search one day shortly after I dismissed her services (which you can do if you get turned down for benefits, and if you dismiss him/her at this time you won't owe him/her anything for their time) and I came across Alec G. Sohmer's website (just do an online search).

    Mr. Sohmer specializes in obtaining benefits for CFS and Fibro sufferers and has been quoted in two books as the legal authority for obtaining benefits from Social Security if you are sick from either one of these two maladies.

    At the time I initially contacted him I was in the process of going to the federal court with Social Security and he said that he couldn't represent me at the federal level unless he had been with me from the start( I was hearing that from every attorney I contacted, so I had to take my case to the federal judge myself).

    Mr. Sohmer told me to keep in touch with him and let him know how my case went(it was remanded, Yay!!) and if it was remanded he would be happy to represent me.

    In June of 2004 I filed my civil case in federal case was heard in December 2004 by The Honorable Judge Conrad(very good listener and I believe a fair and upright judge)...I received his opinion letter in January of 2005...and I retained Mr. Sohmer as my attorney that very same month.

    He told me that he wins over 95% of his cases because he uses a system that he has developed over the years in dealing with our kind of cases. That was good news to me. And he represents individuals in ALL 50 STATES! The first time I called his office he was in Alaska! I thought WOW, he must be pretty good to travel to all of the states like that.

    If there is a downside to all this good news, it's probably this. He doesn't pay his own airfare. You have to pay for a roundtrip ticket on an airline, one night in a motel, and a rental car for one day. Depending on where you live, what time your hearing is held, and the time of year(holidays and all) your hearing is held will depend on what price you pay.

    I checked on expedia where they have travel packages available(flight, motel, and car) for one price and they aren't too bad. I figure I'm looking at about $600 - $650 total. I talked to my family and they are helping with some of this cost. The rest I am taking out of the credit I have left over out of my Pell Grant from the classes that I am taking at my local community college.

    Well, I'm sorry that this is sooo long. But, I wanted you to have all of the facts on my end so you could make a more educated decision, since the attorney you pick could make or break your case.


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