???? Does anyone know about Indian beliefs?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by carebelle, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    Indian stuff? Like what their religious beliefs are?

    When I was very I'll I truely believe three angels came to my bedside. One was an American Indian and I am finding myself more and more interested in maybe trying to figure out who he was. I mean in my mind I have believed it was someone in the history of my family.I do have some Indian blood in my family.My Great Grandfather was Indian.I was thinking it might have been him.

    I was looking on line at pictures (not to find him lol) but to see if I could see someone in the clothing he had on.Also he was faceing me most pictures show Indians with their face turned.He also had a headdress on ,that went to the floor.

    I felt great kindness and the angels told me to trust God.His clothing was all light brown and he had something across his chest like Ivory strips of something several rows.I think he had a stick with feathers in his right hand.A very tall stick.

    Ok I know some of you will think I'm nuts but this is what I really believe. I was just wondering if anyone has any knowlege about things like this?
  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I'm not sure. Do you know where I could find information about those kind of Dreams?
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    I to have Native American in my family line, but I have no idea of the Nation/tribe.

    "I think", because I'm not positive on this.....

    A headdress going to the floor I think would mean he was a Chief. The bigger the headdress the more important he would be.

    The brown clothing was probably deer skin.

    As for the Ivory Strips they were probabaly porcupine pine quills or some part of an animal bone. They made chest plates from them.

    The long stick was probably his spear. They were usually decorated with a feather from an eagle. Only Native Americans are permitted, by law, to posses Eagle feathers.

    Each tribe has it's own bead work designs. Many tribes will not permit pics to be taken of their bead work.

    Native Americans used allot of items from animals, as they felt they carried strong spirits.

    I think most Native Americans feel their ancestors watch over them like guardian angels. I think they feel there is life after death.

    They lived in harmony with Mother Nature only taking what they needed to survive. Anything they took they would say thanks for....example...if they killed a deer they thanked it's spirtit for giving it's life so they could eat & survive.

    If you do a search for Native American Tribes you'll find lots of info. Finding the exact one you saw in your dream may be hard tho. If you've never been to a Pow Wow see if there's any in your area & go. Most are held in spring/summer. You'll feel the amazing spirituallity while there. It's a wonderful experience to see their dances, crafts, listen to their history, stories, etc.

  4. carebelle

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    for your time. Mine was a chief .I feel very blessed .Those were very difficult times for me and to think God sent me such special Angels to give comfort and help me get threw them. Kind of like when he sends beautiful snow flakes to remind us how different but beautiful each of us are to Him.

    Thank you again for writing me your words also gives me a special Peace of mind.

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