Does anyone know anything about Hoodia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nonnie1967, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. nonnie1967

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    I have heard that this is a natural, herbal appetite suppressant. I am wondering if anyone here has tried it?

    Between the Elavil and the Neurontin, I have gained 12 lbs. in a little over 3 months - and that's with exercising a lot of willpower! (And after having LOST 30 lbs. last year, before going on these drugs. :-() I need something to counteract the appetite-boosting effect of these drugs (I don't want to stop taking them), and am wondering if Hoodia might be a good thing. (I don't want to take diet pills based on caffeine or amphetamines - I think those would be bad news.)

    Anyone know anything about it?
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  3. claudiaw

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    Hoodia is a cactus native to parts of Africa. The natives will cut off pieces of the cactus and eat it to keep them full as they walk from place to place (they're nomad's)they can go day's w/o food that way.

    It seem's to help some people a little, but works better in a combo formula.

    I use to sell it where i worked and have used it myself.

    honestly it is not worth the money.
    I would just increase your fiber and water intake and it will be about the same.

    Best wishes,

  4. claudiaw

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    Bumping, not sure if you saw my answer.:)

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    fyi: i no longer take elavil, but take 3 mg of melotonin, which works great, to help me sleep...does nothing for pain, but i have pain meds for that. after being off elavil for 2 months, i have lost 15 pounds....i'm so happy. i don't have to try hoodia or any other weight loss herb. ask you doctor about reducing the elavil to melotonin for sleep, if that is why you take the elavil.

    it worked for me and i'm slimmer.


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