Does anyone know anything about liver problems?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by redrosebud, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. redrosebud

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    I went in to see my Gastro a few weeks ago. He ordered all kinds of tests and then called and said to come in. I went in and he said that he would like to do some blood work up on me and possibly a liver biopsy. he said he thinks I have cirrious of the liver which I was told in '98 I had scarring on my liver and as usual nothing to worry about! Yesterday I received a call my the doctors office and she said I need to come in and see the doctor due to the test results. I received a letter today with the results which I have no idea what they mean. Can anyone help? They say my albuminwas low 3.3 and my ALT was elevated at 78. Now when I went in last time he said its just probably a fatty liver (which everything on me is FAT!) I don't know I'm a little scared. Please help if anyone can.
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    Hi Redrosebud, love your name! One of my favorite roses. Just bought two 'Ingrid Bergman's', great big red roses, on very strong stems with just a hint of a sweet odor. They are so beautiful.

    As for that liver, I would surely get it checked into. My Father had cirrious of the liver, but at that time they did not know enough to help him or he just had some wrong doctors (by the way, he did not drink liquor at all, not even beer).

    One good time about a liver problem, it is the only organ that can heal itself.

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Could this be caused by some medication you are on?

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope all comes out well for you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi rosebud.......

    I have been htere and done that with the liver also.

    diagnosed with a faty liver and then maybe a year later went througha little episode and mytest results were about 278 etc....VERY high !!!!
    a liver biopsy is extreme.... Is he going to redo blood work before ???? they did with me and mine were way down into normal.

    had you been dieting previous to the Tests ??? If yoou extreme can alter the liver tests....

    In any matter you shouldnt let it go but I may get second opinion and/or ask for repeat on tests.

    I am overweight also so fatty livers are common in us .....and YES ... the liver can regenerate itself
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    Have you had an abdominal ultrasound yet? Usually they do that before a liver biopsy. My alkaline phosphotase (another blood test measuring liver health---I'm sure you had this) is always high. But my abdominal ultrasound, where they look at pancreas, gall bladder, etc. plus liver, looked fine. I know what you mean, all this liver stuff is scary. I'm now pretty convinced that my higher than normal liver numbers are caused by leaky gut syndrome & higher than average mercury levels----both things cause strain on the liver, both I found out recently I have. Don't panic too much yet, though, it could be less serious than you think. I'm not sure about what your albumin & ALT numbers mean, those aren't the ones I have problems with, so I don't have any frame of reference for that. Let us know what you find out!!

  5. redrosebud

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    Pam, thank you for responding to my question. I had a stomach ultrasound the first time in '98 which was when I first learned of the scarring. The doctor said "Oh nothing to worry about!"
    Then in '00 I was having problems again with bowels, gas, bloating and such so they did another stomach ultrasound which showed scarring again but like soooooo many doc's say we'll check it again in a few months. Now, I went to another Gastro who did alot of tests and again the stomach ultrasound. Now, when he saw the scarring he order alot of blood work and I just received a letter that I should come into talk to him. What is a liver biopsy? What kind of procedure? Are you put under? I worried whether the Teflon from my jaw implants hasn't ended up there? It would not surprised me! I remember when I first found out the jaw implants that were made of Teflon that I had to immeadialty have removed because their were harmful toxins in my body (and I waited 5 months for the surgeon to do it???) haven't made their way down there. I read where other patients had Teflon fragments in their brain, lungs, heart, kidneys everywhere...why should I be different???? I had the implants in me for 20 years! The FDA stated they weren't fit for humans 3 years after I had them in! Oh well, as my doc's would say "Oh, nothing to worry about."
    So again Thanks for responding. I really do appreciate your help, Pam. This may sound angry but I hope you know it is not at you but just all this stuff that keeps coming up medically in our lives and we have to smile and take it. So, forgive me for sounding rude it is not at you personally.
  6. pam_d

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    Not to worry, rrbud, I try not to take anything personally! I know how scary all this stuff is, especially involving the liver. To me, it's kind of like your liver is a barometer for the rest of your body's health. I've recently been on this extremely restrictive food allergy diet, have gone thru one round of chelation therapy (to remove excessive mercury), and my liver tests STILL aren't coming out good's very frustrating and discouraging, believe me, I know!

    I've not had the liver biopsy yet, but I looked on the net for info....sounds like it's an outpatient minor surgical procedure, takes about 20 mins., it's a needle biopsy where they remove a tissue sample by inserting a needle. Do a search, there's a lot of info there. You can probably also get a good idea about exactly what the ALT and albumin measure.....

    Good luck, & keep us posted. I think we are not the only ones with liver problems here, I've seen a lot on this before here.

    Take care,
  7. catnip51

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    About 8 years ago I developed a high fever, the idiot doc I went to see said it was a flu gave me antibiotics & sent me on my merry way.. I had a high fever 103 to 105 for two weeks, doc switched antibiotics still insisted it was a flu. Had horrible, nausea, soooo very tired and headaches every day with it.I got discusted cause I knew it was no flu, I was never ever that sick before so I went to my cardiologist who I had seen for years and the first thing he said did the doc do a blood test? I said no and he ordered blood work right away to see what was going on.

    Low and behold my liver enzymes were way up SGOT & another one that indicates liver problems. Normals were like in the 20's both mine were elevated in the 200 to 300 range. Put me in the hospital did all kinds of test could not figure out why my liver was out of whack. They wanted to do a biobsy also but I was not big on that one so I stayed in the hosp on nothing but IV and was sent home after 10 days. Cardiologist said it may have been tylenol poisioning and said if it was they would go back down to normal. I was still sick as a dog!! A friend of mine who owned a health store told me to take Milk thistle, two different kind and take them three times a day along with some fiber stuff to flush out the liver and toxins. I did it faithfully for 2 weeks went back and repeated blood tests and low & behold liver enzymes back to normal.

    Never got any answers as to what made my liver go crazy but I'm convinced that many Lupus patients have there organs affected from that disease which is autimmune also. I am convinced it was this DD that caused it and even tho as in everything else, Lupus, arthritis, fibro etc our tests all come back normal I'm not convinced alot of these tests accurate at all. Lets fact it we have an autoimmune problem and that is enough in itself to cause all the darn problems we experience and weird stuff that goes with this DD.

    So anyway hon, go buy yourself some milke thistle and something to detox the liver and I'm almost sure it will help a great deal. Of course the Doctor didn't believe thats what cured it but they couldn't fix it so I was apt to try anything, thank God it worked. Stay away from the biopsy unless absolutely necessary, I didn't want to go there unless it was a last resort and the enzymes wouldn't go down. I must add I felt the best when I was detoxing my liver, my pain was so much better and since I've been in a bad pain flare I'm trying it again. When the liver is not working properly and is not getting rid of toxins it causes all sorts of things going on in our body. My cholesterol at the time was the lowest it ever was so were back on Milk thistle and plenty of it. If you decide to try it take it with meals. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, my email is in my profile...I know it is scary and makes you feel very sick..Good luck {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    have severe scarring....cirrhosis and fatty liver, both. We never knew the cause until I started taking a statin drug for my lipids and it caused my lipids and my liver enzymes to return to normal for the first time in years. Normally, a statin drug will ELEVATE the liver enzymes, but we took a chance since my Chol/Trig were SO high despite diet. Heredity is not my friend! Anyway, it appears that the cholesterol was stored and produced by the liver and was scarring from all of this. Once the lipids were normal, the enzymes got normal and I SHOULDN'T get additional scarring. There is a med they wanted to put me on, too, for the cirrhosis, but I refused at this time.
    Hope this helps!
  9. KathiM

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    KathiM here again !!!!!!!!!!

    I had the same expedition as Catnip51 (Cathie) and her advice is good with milkthistle.... I did the same thing.......

  10. LynneH

    LynneH New Member try the milk thistle. It can produce remarkable results. Also, just to clear up any misconception...once the liver is scarred, that portion does not regenerate itself. It is very important to go easy on medication, or anything else that filters through the liver. The liver is an amazing organ, but we have to treat it well!
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    Your ALT is not extremly high..I have AIH (autoimmune hepatitis) and at my last testing my ALT was 246..Was diagnosed in 2001 with the AIH after going for labs every couple of weeks, and then finally a biopsy..
    At that time my levels were over a thousand, but was put on Prednisone and an autoimmune drug called Imuran..Everything started to come back to normal..My gastro was just trying to lower my Imuran this past Dec and that's when my ALT's jumped from 44 to 246 within 3months..
    Anyway, what I'm getting at is please continue with some blood tests for awhile and if dr. wants to do a biopsy, let him do it..
    They usually do not sedate you..They numb the area, and it's over within a matter of minutes..The hardest part for me was to lie on my right side for 4hrs to prevent bleeding..If you already do not take anything for anxiety, they will prescribe something for you to take before the procedure..But a liver biopsy is the one sure way to tell what is really going on..
    Wishing you the best.........Take Care........Donna
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    Thanks all for the info on the liver. I'll definitley try the milk whatever (fibro-fog) oh, thristles lol. I have my appointment with the Gastro on Thursday so I'll let everyone know what he says. Sorry it has taken so long to answer I'm having trouble today with my eyes so dry and itchy. I have also noticed little areas of dry scaly skin on my body....what's up with that now? I am going to ask my PCP why my body is twiching and jerking around lately? I know what she'll say, "Oh thats normal with Fibro." and then smile.
    Well, I will check in with the group tomorrow night, it's too hard to stay up.
    See ya all later, night....
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    I had a liver biopsy done due to chronically elevated cpk; was not too bad-the needle was huge-they never numbed me but nevertheless, it was over quickly and was not as bad as it looked.
    years later, I still have elevated cpk-now they say its a genetic mitochondria disorder.
    good luck with your liver tests and biopsy, if need be redrosebud!