Does anyone know of a good Dr. in Baton Rouge?

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  1. KCD

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    We just moved to St. Francisville, LA and I need to find a good doctor for fms. I was thinking about an endocrinologist or internal med. Baton Rouge is our closet big city. Thanks, KCD
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    and who someone else I know sees, is Dr. Stephanie Cave. I think at one time she was no longer accepting new patients, but I don't know if that's still the case. I'm not sure exactly what kind of dr. she is, but I do know that she's a holistic dr. with a great reputation. If you do an internet search using her name you will come up with all sorts of information on her, especially with autism.

    I live about an hour west of Baton Rouge and travel to Metairie to see a dr. there. I chose to see this dr. because at the time I was spending a lot of time in Metairie and only a few days a month here at home. Now that I no longer spend time im Metairie, I have to make the 2 hour trip every couple of months to see my dr., but she is worth it.

    Hope this helps,
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    My sister has been traveling from New Orleans to see Dr. Stephanie Cave for years. I think she's expensive, and if she's accepting new patients at all, there is a LONG wait list to see her. My sister had to wait over one year.

    I am in Destrehan, and my doctors are all in Metairie or New Orleans.

    (By the way, Dr. Cave wrote a book about the dangers of immunizations - she is very knowledgeable.)

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    I made an appointment with Dr. John Hilton which is in the same group as Dr. Warren Frasser. Silverberg, Field and Prosser, Fraser and Hilton are in the same group. Silverberg is no longer taking patients. I wonder if I should call and change the appointment or just hope that since they are in the same group they are all good. I made the appointment before I got your info. Where did you get the "Best Doctor...." info?

    Thanks for your input,
    KCD (Valerie)