Does anyone know of a Lyme doctor in north Alabama?

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    I haven't posted on this board before, so thank you for your patience and help. I live in northern Alabama and would like to see a doctor who specializes in Lyme disease. If anyone knows of someone who could help, please let me know. Thanks, again.
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    my son's doctor is by Charlotte NC,

    yes we drive over 400 miles round-trip because I was told there were no good LLMDs in Georgia/Atlanta (and I'm only 60 miles E of Atlanta!),

    and that we'd save $$ and time by going there. I'm very glad we did. He sees pts from all lower 48 states plus Europe.

    As far as I know, there are LLMDs in/by Mobile and also in Springfield Mo. As far as the SE goes, those are the only ones I've heard of. You can google lyme net flash - it should be the first entry; they have a doctor referral board so that you can be private messaged with names ...

    Generally people don't like to mention doctors' names on public boards, for fear of persecution/prosecution of these good doctors due to the hostile environment by the medical establishment toward the diagnosis and treatment of 'chronic lyme' --

    In any event, please take time to read over the posts/info here, there's lots of good info - and also read the information at

    The more you know, the more you can help yourself!

    Good luck!

    All the best,
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    you've been treated for Rh. Arthritis... did you have the RH Factor? there is good research also showing abx can help RA. Whether or not it is lyme is hard to say - see my post about genetic factors. is another good organization with info about abx for Rh. Arthritis...

    Also check the library here, not sure what is there on that subject specifically, but this site does have a wealth of info.


  4. Heirloom

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    Thank you, Victoria, for the information. I will check out the websites and look up Dr. Jamesk. Take care.