Does anyone know of any Cable TV discounts for Low Income/Disabled?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TeaBisqit, Dec 10, 2008.

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    I just found out about a new government run program for low income people to get FREE cellphones with FREE one hour of minutes, but it's only for a few states right now. The government is already planning on expanding it into more states, but it could take awhile. And of course, it's not in my state yet. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of any discounts for Cable TV or Internet Access for Low Income/Disabled people. There must be something out there somewhere. The government keeps saying they want everyone to have internet access, so I can't believe there isn't a program for low income people. I wouldn't have even known about the phone service if my friend hadn't just told me about it. Her brother lives in Florida, so he can get it now.

    The phone program I'm talking about is totally FREE, it's a government sponsored thing for Tracfone. You can look at the site here:
    They give you a free cellphone with free minutes, EVERY month, and the minutes will roll over if you don't use them all. It's an amazing new program, but it's only for a few states right now.

    Please post if you know of anything else, particularly for Cable TV or Net access. There must be programs out there that most of us don't know about. And we never find out unless someone tells us.
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    The only thing I know of is that when I lived in Florida, a housing development that was 55 and over was able to strike a deal with the cable company that a certain percentage of their residents would get cable TV and in exchange, they were offered a really low price per household that subscribed that covered the entire year--it was a smoking deal. But clearly it was a negotiated deal.
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    Thanks, I was thinking of asking the management here if they could do something similar to that. There must be a way.
  4. TeaBisqit

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    FCC Bans Exclusive Cable TV Contracts for Apartment Buildings

    I guess that kills my idea of asking if a deal could be made :( That isn't fair to low income people who need it cheaper.
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    I wrote a letter to the FCC about the law regarding this, and they sent me back a letter. They said it is possible to get either an amendment to the law or get it overturned so that low income apartment buildings could make deals with cable companies for cheaper packages. But they are passing the buck. They said to go to my local government and city and town halls and to call Comcast directly about it. And my feeling is, the FCC are the ones who made this law and they are the ones who should do something about it, but they won't unless I fight like crazy at the local government level. I have a feeling I can do something about this, but I have to think about it. I just don't want to do it and then find that they do a package deal where we aren't allowed to add things to it if we want a few more channels or faster surfing. I'd have to write out a whole thing and then propose it to my building's manager and staff. Ultimately, it would save everyone at our complex a small fortune if we could just get our cable/tv/net at a discounted rate. It's just one of those things, though, that if you want it you have to fight for it. And why does it always have to be ME???? Seriously, it's always ME. Why can't someone else do it? :(
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    Here is what the housing development did. You can have a package deal for basic cable with the cable company when you are in an apartment building. It depends on how many apartment residents are willing to go along as to whether you can get a good deal from a cable company. The housing development had over 2,000 households with the majority wanting cheap basic cable so it was a easy sell..

    It doesn't violate the FCC law. It violates if you tell the residents they cannot have satellite or other type TV services, and of course you won't do that. Only the people that want cable are included.

    If you want to add other services later to the deal, you individually arrange for and pay for the extra services at full prices and the cable company doesn't offer discounts on that--only on the basic cable.

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    Here's the answer to your prayer!!
    They offer cable TV and Internet discounts for low income families.
    You just have to call in and answer a few questions.

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