Does anyone know of any natural alternative to anti-histamines for rop

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    treating allergies? Thanks! Shelbo
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    Thanks! I guess I was getting a bit disillusioned with the GE.. I am not seeing much of a result.. I have had some relief from my dry skin and eyes by incorporating flaxseed oil with borage and high quality fish oil but a problem of old (all over body itching) seems to be plaguing me again...upsetting as I was seeing improvement in my painful facial skin and eyes but the itching is so so difficult to tolerate.. I have cut out the fish oil but am still itching a bit, so who may be the flax/ borage oil...all I can do is experiment until I work out which. A couple of years ago I experienced this awful itching and it was so bad I had to see a derm - it was happening every time I experimented with a new facial product which is necessary as I am running low on the only stuff I can use to wash and moisturise my face...anyway, I digress...the point was, when I look back, I had just finished a course of fish oil at very high doses... So, I don't know if I am allergic to fish oil or there is some psychological fear component... I am hoping, at least, to be able to keep going with the flaxseed / borage oil mix to try to reap the benefits of the efas...
    I might add in a little coconut oil too....I will probably do the flax/borage oil for a few weeks and if the itching subsides I may add in the fish oil again...

    I may explore the GE again.... thank you! My nose has been driving me mad with itching (which could be related to my rosacea as my nose goes really red and tingly) I did read last night on one site for natural anti-histamine alternatives that pycnogenol *which I know you feel has the same properties and benefits as its less expensive counterpart is upto 70% effective as chemical anti-histamines in treating allergic symptoms... Vit C was also touted as being effective..

    I have had a rough few weeks anyway....I had to go to a medical to try to keep my benefit and it was the furthest I'd been in months... In fact, I've been pretty much housebound. I was also very stressed about the test. The nose itching started when I got back. I have a coldsore though too so maybe going out for the first time in a long time and in such stressful circumstances has made me a little worse just now... Thanks again, Jaminhealth... :)

    Fredt...can I ask which brand of B12 you used and the amount you took daily in order to get some relief? Did you take it along with other B vits? Thanks so much, Shelbo
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    Natures Plus which looks like it might be worth a try... :) Thanks again...
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    supposed to help:

    Grape Seed Extract
    Fish Oil
    Pine Park Extract

    These are supposed to have an antihistamine affect and balance the immune system.

    I use fish oil, MSM, and Grape Seed Extract in small dosages because money is tight right now. They help, but would probably work better if I could afford to take more.

    As it is, I cut my Zyrtec pill in half (5 mg.). Without using the supplements, I would probably need the 10mg.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Hi Shelbo,

    You said "I had just finished a course of fish oil at very high doses..." and is that when your itching got worse?

    If so, then that may not mean you're allergic to fish oil, but that you may have taken too much in proportion to omega 6 oils like borage or better, evening primrose oil.

    Patricia Kane PhD is a fatty acid specialist/researcher who recommends Evening primrose oil rather than borage, because supposedly borage contains 'long-chain' fatty acids that are difficult for some of us to process.

    The reason your statement brought up such a red flag for me, is because when reading about Kane's fatty acid testing (done through John Hopkins University), they have found that something like 80% of their patients actually have TOO MUCH Omega 3, and too little omega 6's.

    Why? Because when one is sick for years, one turns to any 'health' info one can find, and as we all know, there's been a ton of hype about fish oil, flax oil, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

    And while most Americans eat by far too much omega 6, there's a percentage of us, who may have been eating too little fats overall (including saturated fats -- cholesterol is actually necessary for some body functions), but also we may not have been eating enough O-6 fats.

    I'll try and paraphrase one case that reminds me of your situation: This one woman took 10 caps of fish oil a day, for two years -- the only other fat she ate was olive oil. She developed eczema, allergies, moodiness, severe brain fog, and "felt tired all the time".

    She had the red cell fatty acid test done and they found her O-3 EPA was !500% too high(!), while her O-6 was 156% too low. After two weeks of getting the correct balance of fatty acids, she started to feel better. After six months, her doctor allowed her to restart some fish oil (they recommend wild salmon, sardines, and something called Kirunal oil).

    And also some eggs and butter in her diet.

    I've been really itchy too -- the last couple of years. Some of this could be due to low iron (anemia), but because my scalp is ALWAYS so dry and itchy, and my face and hands have become dry and scaly, I think it's probably a fatty acid imbalance too. I just wish I could afford the tests. I think it's like $400 or something, and not covered by insurance.

    But I would read as much as you can about fatty acids. Google Patricia Kane, Neil Speight M.D., and "fatty acids" and you'll find more info.

    It's all a balance! You have to have Omega 6 fats in order for Omega 3's to work properly.


    p.s. I finally heard back from my friend with MCS, and posted her answers on that thread. You can find it by clicking on my name (I think) and then on my posts (on the cfs/fibro board).

    I'll bump it up as well...
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    Thank you for going to so much trouble to explain this to me!! I will try to be more balanced with my intake of EFAs... There is so much hype surrounding getting enough omega 3, you're right.. The story of that lady with 500% too much omega 3 and way too low omega 6 illustrates this so well. Thanks for sharing! I also will think about taking EPO instead of borage! Thanks.. I'll have to look into coconut oil and maybe stop taking that .... I'm not sure what this contains by way of omega fats...maybe I should skip that...I only added it in very recently. Wow, those tests are so expensive! :( I hope one day you're able to get them sounds like the test could really help you...
    Dan, as you scalp, face and hands are problematic, is it possible something that has contact with all these places is also causign a kind of contact dermatitis...the thing that springs to my
    mind is shampoo or conditioner...cos this would be in contact with your scalp and hands, and even after rinsing there could be residue in your hair which is contributing to the facial dryness...esp if the scalp, face and hands itch... Is it worth trying a fragrance-free shampoo/ conditioner or other products you use on your hair? I think Jason Naturals does a ff range of haircare as does Free and Clear... What do you think? Is it a possibility?
    I will google Patricia Kane and Neil Speight...thank you!!
    Thanks also for contacting your MCS friend...I will search your name now and check it out!!
    It means a lot - thanks! TC, Shelbo :)

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