does anyone know tis doctor in st, Pete fl?

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  1. DavidTeer

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    Hello Gee and I found a rheumi in St. Pete Fl. and we think he will be a good
    Dr. , he knows fibro and is very understanding. We would like to find out more about him.
    His name is Arnaldo Torres Md. if you know him please let us know. Thanks Dave and Gee
  2. klutzo

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    Does Dr. Torres still have Susan as his office nurse/manager? If so, I can tell you that she believes all Fibro patients are "nuts" and "there is nothing wrong with them, they should all be working like the rest of us". He may be OK, but with someone like that working for him (edited to remove possible libelous comment), you have to wonder what he really thinks.
    The doctor whom I've heard the best reports about in the St. Pete area is Michele Spuza-Milord, M. D. I know of more good ones in the north end of the county than the south, but I've heard more positive feedback about her than anyone else down there.
    good luck,
    Klutzo (former support-group leader in Clearwater)

  3. kerrymygirl

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    PI did not go to him because I heard from pts., that he really did not beieve in fm. Maybe he has changed his mind I would be interested. Keep us posted, I did go to dr. Spuza and I liked her but she dropped my hmo. She used to be one of our biggest advocates until her family members. I think husband and brother were indited for scamming and fraud, she was not involved. But she changed after that I think they were watching her every move. Atleast that is the way she started to act and treatment for fm changed,especially if you need meds. I did really like her she was very observant & caring before that Family situation. I have found it very hard to find a good dr. in this area. Alot of people go to Sally Marlow in clearwater who is a believer and voted the only 1 in florid to go to for these types of illnesses especially fm. People come from all over fl. to see her. But her insuance is limited. She has dedicated her whole life to these conditions. Has researched and traveled extensivly for the treatment & research for fm. etc.I am interested how Dr. Torres is now alot of fm pts. left him,distisfied but maybe he has changed. Good Luck. What is your insurance cover? Dr. Carlos I think in Indian Rocks are A chiro spends alot of time on fm pts. I have met him and liked him and I have heard all good things about his caring. My plan doe`s not cover him. When I saw him speak he made alot more sense than alot of speakers also he had an open mind to suggestions and seem to really care about our plith. Hope some of this helps. I am familiar with most of rheumies in this area,unfortunately not too impressed with most, I guess they are just tired of us taking too much of their time. Word is out they are to slowly drop us do to complexity of us and time. Now that most made a flippin fortune from all of us. We take more than the 10 min. we are not cost efficient anymore. Can`t say on the board what I think about that!!!!### Good Luck...P.S there is a support group at Suncoast Hospital.
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  4. klutzo

    klutzo New Member the one who diagnosed me, and helped me get SSD. I feel I owe my life to her in some ways. She really does spend time with patients, but the result of that is a minimum wait of about 2 hrs. past your appt. time. Also, about a year ago, I was told by someone volunteering in her office that she now believes all FMS is really Lyme Disease and will not hear any dissenting opinions. This is only good news if you want to be on ABX. When asked by a friend of mine why these ticks would all be biting only middle-aged women, she simply turned and walked away. I think she could use a vacation, since she has worked so hard for us for so long.
    You are right that the Rheumies are trying to make us all go to PCP's for our illness because we take too much time. I was seeing Dr. Levin, who definitely believes in FMS, but is not open to untested therapies at all. I now have a PCP who is more open-minded, and since I have to do most of it on my own, it doesn't really matter who I go to as long as they give me my meds, and she does. She is a D.O., and I think they are a bit more open to trying new things.
    I think the two most knowledgeable Rheumies in Pinellas County are Dr. Levin and Dr. Goodman, but neither of them are champions of our cause.
  5. camelgirl

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    the doc i'm waiting to see is dr. cichon(i got his name off the good doc list here)...he's in tampa...i'm waiting to have my sleep study done and then my pcp will refer me to him...he screens any new patients now...i had to fill out a big, long survey type thing, and then he will review it and decide if he will see me or not.
    peace,hugs, camelgirl
  6. Ellie5748

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    If you are willing to go a little bit south(Sarasota), there is a good rheumie foundation. There are two doctor's there that are good with FM. One is DR. Small, and his partner is DR. Kaine. DR. Kaine is the one that dx'ed me, and refered me to a pain clinic in Sarasota where I am currently being treated. I'm not 100%, but I know that I will never be my "Old Self" again. I feel like I've been robbed of a part of myself that I was very fond of. Thank God that there are still some DR.'s that arent afraid to treat us. If you would like more info, let me know. Have a gentle day.


  7. kerrymygirl

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    He spoke at the Sucoast meeting awhile back. I was impressed. I think he became ill because he started dropping pts. So I hope he is better. If he was on my plan I would go to him. He spends alot of time researching and is big on possibilities of lyme. He does believe in fm. Try the support group they try to help you and probably is not far from you,Suncoast Hosp. 3rd. sat. everymonth at 11:00a.m. People there used to go to Torres. Good Luck!!!P.S. there is a gal that goes there and her husband is a big advocate for fm, he wants help too. I admire your concern it is refreshing!!!!!!
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  8. DavidTeer

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    Thank you Ellen for the info in Sarasota. We may check into it but first we are going to check out the Suncoast support goup in St. Pete. will keep you posted. Thanks again. Dave nd Gee