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  1. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Hi Friends-

    I was wondering what bio feedback is? I was reading the latest and they were saying Biofeedback helps CFID's. Can anyone give me the scoop on this.

  2. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    i don't know, but want to, so hears some help


    luv saph
  3. lana33

    lana33 New Member

    I don't know everything about it but can give you an idea of what it is. An example is listening to tapes, either inspirational or noises to help you relax or sleep.

    Also to concentrate better, you would focus on certain objects, pictures and such to better your frame of mind; to help you stop smoking or help prevent headaches.

    I know this is a very SORRY excuse of a definition but I really can't remember everything about it. I was once suppose to have this for migraines but only saw the psychologist twice. Didn't work on it long enough to see results.

  4. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    thank you tana and firecop
  5. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    I hear it helps for pain but I have CFID's and am in desperate need for sleep. Actually, I have enough medication to knock me out but the next day I feel like I'm never rested.

    Thanks Hope!
  6. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Biofeedback has been used alot with kids that have ADD to balance their brain chemistry & help their learning abilities, etc.

    Now there's a new test & treatment that is much more specific. The test is called the QEEG (google it), and the treatment is neurofeedback (google it). P.S. Most Dr.'s & hospitals know nothing about this, so you have to get your info offline.

    I'm undergoing it, and cannot believe what our brain chemistry is capable of changing.

    Just have to be sure to have a really good practitioner who has had a lot of experience, as although it's a totally non-invasive procedure, they need to know what they're doing.

  7. apeman

    apeman New Member

    Biofeedback is any treatment that measures some bodily function and uses that measure to affect a particular treatment. Example would be blood pressure. If I told you to use relaxation techniques to try and relax, using biofeedback, I would show you your blood pressure as you tried to relax. As you learn to relax better you may see your blood pressure come down. By seeing the blood pressure response you are better able to realize what works to lower your blood pressure. We use biofeedback for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving muscle recruitment after neurological injuries, and for sports performance enhancement. I have even used biofeedback to lower my body temperature. The key is that you are measuring precisely a bodily function that you normally don't have an ability to sense on your own and then applying techniques to alter that function and seeing the body's response.
  8. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    I have really low blood pressure. Will it work for me. I have severe fatigue and memory loss.
  9. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member


    I can't be too helpful with details cause I really don't remember all too well...It was when I first had my neck injury and my therapists were willing to try anything to reduce my stress, pain, anxiety, etc...

    I THINK I had little receptors hooked up to certain muscle groups and you can see the actualresponse of the muscles on a computer screen so that YOU are aware of how your feelings or movements aggravate what areas...AT the same time I was learning 'relaxation techniques' I assume to eventually apply to this therapy...

    After 2 years of 'TRYING', I am now over 10 years into knowing all the therapies and so much worse than I have ever been...But like another poster said "That's just me".
    I hope I gave you the correct details of the therapy, it's strange what my brain remembers and what it doesn't...That's part of the FMS tho, unlike the docs originally told me that it was my brain was too full to absorb any new info...OMG! Like many of you, we were told some doozies...Along with the usual, "Exercise, lose some weight, lift weights, do water aerobics, go on a vacation, reduce stress, and my all time fave~"Sure this therapy will help you"...NOT!!!

    Sorry, got off track as usual...Hope it helped tho...I like to share my experiences but have a difficult time when I am fogged (lately 90% of the time)...

    Good luck if you try it and please let us know how you did...Alicia
  10. sofy

    sofy New Member

    I called our local MD who specializes in this and left a message asking if he thought he could help me. He called me back late one night and spent about 20 minutes asking me ???

    In the end he said he might be able to help me but from what I told him he wanted me to go see a Lyme Literate doc and he gave me a name and told me not to see anyone else around here cuz they know nothing about lyme and I live less than 30 minutes from Lyme Ct.

    I now know I have chronic autoimmune lyme due to having gotten the lymerix vaccine.

    So yes in an odd way reaching out to an alternative route doc did get me the right diagnosis even tho he couldnt fix me.

    Im still in awe at how That MD was so caring that he spent his time for no $$$ just to try and help me and sent me where I needed to go.

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