Does anyone know why mornings are worse...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baybe, May 9, 2003.

  1. baybe

    baybe New Member

    I know in my case it takes forever to get going and I hear others say the same thing. Does anyone know why this is so, I would be curious to know?
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I don't have a clue why we feel so awful when we wake up. It takes me less time now that it did before I started taking ZMA.

    Before, it took at least two hours or more to be able to function, now I am alright in about an hour. Thats a big difference for me.

    I also keep a small 2 cup coffee pot on the bedside table, I drink a cup before I get out of the bed! It helps so very much. Thats the only caffiene that I allow myself.

    I hope someday someone finds out the answer to this question, and a solution to go along with it.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I have great Morning's and Lousy afternoon's and I can't sleep much at night. I'm real mixed up.

    I think it does have to do with each person and their own system. Some are like you are and have better afternoon's and some are like me, that's when I have my Energy and I like to get out and do things before the rest of the World wakes up.

    I hate crowds, so it works for me.

    My Jump start is a Game with the hubby, a Vicodin/500, with my am coffee, only 2 cups tho. I have IBS and anymore it gives me cramps.

    When i lived with one of my Sister's, who also has FMS, she kept me awake all night, because that was when she was up, she sleeps day's, same with the Brother she lives with, she's his caregiver, but she need's one too.

  4. Madelyn

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    When I was going to a nutritionist and chiro who specialized in CFS treatment, he gave me a saliva test on the adrenals. The test indicated that my adrenal activity was reversed from the norm in that most people have more "push" from the arenal in the morning and it wanes as the day goes on. Mine was weak in the morning, got stronger as the day went on. He gave me supplements to support my adrenals. I don't remember which ones were for that, sorry. I have since read that the saliva test is not necessarily accurate, but it really seemed to fit the bill in my case. I am dragging in the morning, and at night I have almost normal energy.
    One possible explanation for you.
  5. kezza_nottm

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    i find that i am fine in the morning but start to feel more and more unwell as the day goes on. I dont know why that is everybody seems to say that they feel worse in the mornings.
  6. donna13210

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    lack of quality sleep? That's what I always assumed. I wake up with my neck and shoulder muscles so hard and tight, it's ridiculous. I can't believe I had a "restful" night's sleep when I wake up like that, plus aching from head to toe and generally feeling like crap.

    Some of our achiness, I believe, can be attributed to our beds. There were previous posts recently about different types of beds and bed toppers. For years I've had a "firm" mattress because of my lower back pain, but I sure can't say it's comfortable!

    Just some food for thought......