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    I live in the Dallas, Ft Worth area. I have just been turned down for my SSDI. I need a lawyer and I was hoping that someone knew of a good one here in this area. I have heard from herer that Binder and Binder r pretty bad. If anyone can come up with a name I would be very grateful. i had just found the papers since we just moved so I have less than a month to appeal.
    Also I am going to see a rehumey in a couple of weeks and I want to try the mirapex, that they use for parkinsons. They say it really helps fibro. Has anyone here used it and what results did u get? I would love some feed back.
    Got to go, I am getting really tired. u all r great. Thanks alot. Joy
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    Please read before spending a bunch of money on a lawyer.

    Allsup Inc doesnt charge anything.

    If you go to their website it will explain it all.

    The people are very nice and always call you right back.

    Thats all they do is disabilty cases.