Does anyone Meditate??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scoobydoo, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. scoobydoo

    scoobydoo New Member

    Can anyone tell me anything about meditation? Does it work? What's the best type? Can you learn it on your own? It's late and brainfog has taken over so I can't think of any more questions. LOL!!

    Anyway, it seems like something I'd like to try but, unless it can be self taught I'm out of luck because there's nothing around here but Hillbilly's. :) (and i'm one of them) There's no such thing as meditation, yoga or anything else in this neck of the woods.

    I'd appreciate any knowledge you guys have. I'm hoping a little mind over matter will work, at least a little, medicine doesn't seem to help a whole lot lately.


  2. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Yes, I do, and should be doing it more often! When I first seriously tried meditation, my fibro symptoms were MUCH worse--(they are still bad) I took a class. And then tried another class. Nothing. I ended up walking around the room while everyone else seemed to be off in la-la land.

    After I got some help with the pain through myofascial release, and retried meditation, in a small group, it worked. But then I could not do this at home by myself until I tried one CD which seems to totally relax me, slow my breathing down and allow my mind to "drift." The name of the CD is "Returning" by Jennifer Berezan. I feel totally relaxed and when I open my eyes, I feel as though I have had restful sleep or been on a vacation, etc. You get the drift. I gave this CD to the gal who led that meditation group, she is also a Reikie (sp?) master and called me a few months later to tell me she has had wonderful results with this CD.

    There are guided meditation CDs,but I am not familiar with them but since you do not have access to other modalities, these may help.

    Good Luck, June
  3. mycatprint

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    and you will find several sites which sell cds and tapes which are designed to help you into an altered state. I have friends who swear by them.

    hugs from Cat
  4. angeldust

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    Meditation is very beneficial. One of the worse things about having CFS for me is my inability to cope with stress. Practising meditation can help with this as during meditation your brain produces the opposite response to stress. Then when you in a stressful situation you are better prepared through meditation to control how your body responds.

    Meditation involves controlled breathing and completely resting the mind or switching off mentally. You'll need complete quiet and no interruptions!! Meditation CDs can help achieve this relaxed state. You will probably be able to find some more guidelines on the net. You can get free downloadable meditation aids - see It needs daily practise over a long period before you really see the benefits...but its well worth it. Good luck!!
  5. JP

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    Hi Scoobydoo,

    I do a walking meditation that seems to lower my stress and increases the feeling of peace. It helps with my pain a bit too.

    It's pretty simiple, you just focus the attention on each foot as it contacts the ground. When the mind wanders away from the feet or legs, or the feeling of the body walking, refocus your attention. To deepen your concentration, don't look around, but keep your gaze in front of you.

    Let us know if you try it and find value...take care, Jan

  6. selma

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    Tape on Mindfullness Meditation Side 1 of 1st tape.
    His books are good too. Right now I'm having lots of trouble with tinnitis. I'll have to follow my own advice. I also have FM. Good Luck
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  7. victoria

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    I learned TM (transcendental meditation) many many years ago, but it's not necessary to go thru their very expensive pseudoreligious 'initiation."

    Tapes/CD would not be a bad way to go, but just realize you don't 'NEED' somebody else talking or special music.

    Herbert Benson MD who was from Yale or Harvard wrote a book some years ago, can't remember the name (maybe The Relaxation Response), but did research. He said that all you need to do basically is use a one or two syllable meaningless word, even something like the word 'one', repeat it to yourself everytime you find your mind wandering, and do it for about 20 minutes 2x day. That's it in a nutshell... basically that is all TM is.

    (TM says they 'pick' a mantra especially for you... After I was initiated into TM I was sitting in one of the lectures over the weekend and heard one guy say to his friend, "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" ... turns out they both had the same mantra as me! Later I told a friend what I'd heard, turns out she had the same mantra as well. I later read TM has about 30 'mantra's total.)

    You could probably do a search on Amazon and find this book or similar in used condition cheap.

    Good luck, Victoria
  8. mitch123

    mitch123 New Member

    I also do TM I find it so relaxing, 20 minutes twice a day, it's effortless and I enjoy doing it I hardly miss a session.