does anyone need help cleaning

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    hi i was just wondering if anyone else has this problem I cant clean and my doctor says you can do it but I cant do it so she wont help me I just ahd all kinds of allergy testing and found out i have all kinds of allergys and the biggie is chemials so cleaning is far out cant us anything
    does many one have any idea what i can do to get help and something i can us to clean with that wont make me sick..does any one have this troule
    thanks big hugs to all
  2. teach6

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    I need help with cleaning because the slightest exertion will put me in bed for days. I also develop terrible pain from doing things like mopping, vacuuming, almost everything. I know there are others here that have chemical sensitivities, so I'm sure one will be along soon to give you some ideas. There are some cleaners that you can make or buy that should not affect your allergies.

  3. karen2002

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    Chemical Sensitivities are a real problem for many with Fibro and related disorders. You doctor saying, "You can do it," shows a lack of knowledge on his or her part.

    Those who react to chemicals, and fragrances, need to eliminate them, not continue being exposed to them.

    It is my belief that you should see another Doctor, who is more knowlegeable in this area. I see a Dr. of Osteopathy who specializes in Fibro, CFS, and Chemical Sensitivities.

    He takes Chemical Sensitivity very serious. No fragrances, perfumes, etc. are to be present in the office. The office is cleaned with non offending cleaners.
    My sister has a very serious problem with chemicals, and I have a more slight to moderate reaction, depending on the agent. This must be addressed.
    Try your health food store for alternative cleaners. I rely heavily on non chemical things such as vinegar for windows, counter tops, appliances, etc. I also must use very mild soaps with no fragrances, and harsh chemicals.
    Best wishes,
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  4. Bambi

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    There's a lady who calls herself the
    "Queen of Clean" and she has a book
    available at most book stores. She uses a lot of natural products for
    cleaning things, even hard to clean
    spots etc.. My pain specialist told my husband, "She is not to lift, push, pull, deep bend or anything involving reaching". Now he may be too careful, but too many times I have ignored his advice in the past and paid for it big time. My husband
    does most all of the cleaning, but what I do I do carefully. I think SSD
    should be available to housewives who
    now have to hire what they always did
    done, but we were "just" housewives and mothers and our contributions are
    some of the most missed but least regarded. Good luck in finding help, I have even run ads for free room and
    board in trade for cleaning, but noone replied. It's so hard to watch
    my once really shining house now just
    kept the best my husband can, God Bless him for it as he works full time also...but it's just not the same. Hugs...Bambi
  5. Shirl

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    Yes, I have chemical allergies big time. I clean with white vinegar, peroxide, and a small amount of bleach (diluted with a lot of water for mopping floors).

    Vinegar is a great cleaner for a lot of things, counter tops,stoves, glass etc.

    I use Tide detergent that has no scent, for everything except for my bed linens, for those I use Woolite, it is the only thing I can fine that does not give me a problem, I also use baking soda in the washer for a odor problem.

    Carpets are another problem, my husband just cleaned the upstairs carpets with an Oreck cleaner that is about the less agressive there is with chemicals, but I was still sick for three days, and we had an attic fan on the whole time he was using it. I stayed downstairs the whole time!

    We are going to try the Woolite for the downstairs carpet, hopefully it won't bother me.

    I do not use any chemicals on my plants or artificial fertilizers, if I have a bug problem, I use a diluted form of Palmolive dish detergent, teaspoon to a gallon of water. Will kill most bugs on plants, and its gentle on my allergies too. As for the fertilizer, I use the organic Fish Emulsion, it stinks, but is not offensive to my sinus.

    As for someone to help with your housework, I would recommend that you fine one through a church or friends, do not go for those in the want adds, you just don't know who they could be, even with references!

    Heres a good hint that I found most helpful. If you have dirt or muck as I call it, around your faucets, just put peroxide in a spray bottle, spray around the faucets, wait till it stops foaming, and it will be clean as if you used cleanser. It eats the dirt, will also work on food, doggy stains on carpets too.

    Hope this has been of some help to you Linda, I know how you feel. It is so hard with the chemical sensitivities.

    If I think of any more helps I will let you know.

    Shalom, Shirl

  6. darlamk

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    I used to always have one when I was in the working world. The first thing I will do after my recently granted SSD comes thru is get a cleaning lady!! I have to use vinegar, baking soda and bleach for most of my cleaning too. If you do a search for vinegar there are some great web sites with wonderful hints for cleaning with it. I also am a member of the flylady site and they have great ideas for little jobs that aren't so stressing on the body! It is amazing what a person can do in 15 minutes. However, when I do any vacuuming or mopping I "pay for it" for days. Right now my house is kind of a pit! My standards have certainly lowered through the years.:)
    Best wishes,
  7. Shirl

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    I read about the peroxide in a book, its amazing the things that you can do with peroxide! I also spray meat, chicken, veggies before cooking with it, then rinse them off good after they quit foaming.
    It eats all the bacteria off the raw food. I was shocked when I saw how much a piece of meat foamed up when I did this for the first time.

    Its also good for stains on clothing too, if they are food stains, blood etc. NOt oil or ink, it does not work on that, just foods and body fluids!

    Darla, I said 'mop', it takes me two trips to mop the kitchen, I mop half of it, then go back a few hours later to finish. If I do it all at the same time, my back, chest and shoulders are killing me.

    As for the vacuuming, I have an Oreck, it weighs only eight pounds and sort of glides easily, I have three dogs in the house (short haired), and its great for dog hair, picks it right up without having to keep going over it. Next carpet I get will be indoor outdoor, much easier to deal with.

    This is a great thread, we can all learn new ways of not hurting ourselves!

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. sheelanagigs

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    yes, baking soda,H202, vinegar...great cleaners.

    there are a number of stores and catalogues for "clean" products; i think seventh heaven is one of those. we get those laundry ceramic disks and they work great (versus tide or baking soda even).

    there is a non-profit outfit called HEAL (Human Ecology Action League) based out of Atlanta and founded by a compounding pharamacist whose late wife had really really bad MCS. HEAL lists goods and services that are safe for those of us with MCS. Dr. Rhea and Dr. Randolph, early supporters and researchers of MCS (Dr. Rhea used to have an inpatient unit; I'm not sure he is still in business; there might be a website for a catalogue of "safe" products....anyway HEAL magazines/newsletters have lists and ads of various safe products and their sources.

    Heal is online I THINK at and they are emailable

    there is a woman in TX who makes great masks for those of us who are chemically sensitive. she makes silk ones and cotton ones out of organic undyed material and depending on one's level of tolerance, lines them with different materials like charcoal. her name is sandy and her email is

    i just opened the HEAL for this info. they even list places to take vacations!

    remember your rotation diet and drink gallons of water, gallons!

    good luck
  9. jpswife_4boys

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    I use to clean houses for a living. I am unable to do that anymore due to the extreme pain and exhaustion it causes. I do know a product that is great though. It's called Quick-n-brite! It has no oder and it's all natural! You have to order it by phone or internet. It works wonderfully and it great for any type of cleaning. You would have to see to believe how great it is. I used it when I was clean. (i once used it to get rust out of carpet!)

  10. pam_d

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    Great ideas from everyone! I have started using nothing but natural cleaners, I buy them at the health food store,
    for example, bathroom/kitchen cleaners, dishwasher soap. They cost a little more, but I have found you need to use very little so they last a long time. I can't even walk down the laundry soap aisle in the supermarket, or the gardening section of Home Depot without getting sick---lucky there are homemade or purchasable (is that a word?) alternatives we can use...

  11. northwoodssue

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    I have major problems cleaning, but am too stubborn, or hard-headed to quit altogether. I've had to quit most everything else in my life. I only do a little bit at a time and do get helpw ith it.
    I make my own cleaners with natural products. I use all the aforementioned products plus natural glycerin soap - sold at health stores. I got the recipe for these cleaners from Natural Health Magazine. It is a great magazine for this type of stuff.
    I also use an oreck vaccum cleaner and it is worth it's weight in gold!!!! It is so light and easy on my arms, back, and legs. I can't use any other kind. Would you believe I found this fabulous thing at a yard sale for only $10.00??? what a deal.
    Good luck