does anyone really go to sleep anymore?

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  1. DragonBall

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    i just dont sleep, not deep sleep anyway .i seem to have awake nightmares i scream alot and paranoia takes over my husband works a lot of nights and i find this unbearable.i have even started letting my 10 year old stay in my bed at these times.the doctor has gave me sleeping tabs,but no good!problem is inever slept that well before i had fm.sometimes valarian works,its a herbal supplement,but mostly NOT!i have cleansed my chakra you name fatigue and looking ater the kids seems harder .
  2. JP

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    Hello DragonBall,

    I had chronic insomnia for years due to an untreated pain condition. Somehow, lately, my sleep is pretty good. I'm offering hope...I can't tell you why and I do know that Elavil helps me. I take 50 mgs a night. If I have had a few bad nights, I crank it to 75 mgs and then back to 50. Who knows why my sleep is better lately, and it is...My nightmares have been quiet for a week or more as well. I do hope you have some peaceful nights...all peaceful sleep filled nights would be the perfect gift!

    Hang in there...jan
  3. DragonBall

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    thank you janet i really do think i suffer from that illness you mentioned about your friend.its nice to know im not going totally crazy!!!!!
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    when I am significantly drugged and/or have gone without sleep for several days~~then I crash for many, many hours. Then the process starts again. An OTC med called Alluna helps me the is an herbal supplement.
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    Hi all........

    It sounds as though a sleep study is needed !!!!!!!!!!!

    Iknow,I know, it sounds corny and I bulked at it and told EVERYONE that they were crazy...........BUT oh my......the things that can be diagnosded from one is incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!! insurance has paid for it ....actually two of them 3 weeks apart and now i am on a CPAP machine when I fun.......... but I am still alive!!!!!!!

    If you do have an apnea or low oxygen while sleeping you NEED to know this as drugs can make it WORSE !!!!!

    Good luck and sweet dreams