does anyone sell on ebay?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I did years ago for a couple of months. I know they charge more for almost everything. I have so much stuff I want to get rid of this year and I've been thinking about ebay. Anyone familiar with the expenses with PayPal?
  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I know that it can come back to bite you down the line if the person doesn't have the money to cover the check. I was stung once by that and it concerned a decorating business. I was out the fee for the bounced check. I might just request money orders.
  3. dononagin

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    dabbled with it a little. Problem for us is getting the stuff to the post office as I work full time. We did ok on it, seems like we underestimated our shipping costs a few times so you have to be careful with that. I know we had fees to pay-pal but I don't remember what percentage they were. It's a good hobby.. I think you would really have to spend some time on it to make real money...