Does anyone suffer from excessive sweating

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by middlemay, Feb 7, 2003.

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    I have fms and many other contributing factors to my illness. But it is the excessive sweating that is really getting me down. I sweat from my forehead and down the back on my body. It is so bad I have to carry a towel around with me. It is very embarrasing. I have been checked for my hormonal levels which are perfectly normal for a 38 year old woman. I am at present having electric shock therapy for sweating but it isnt working. I would like to know if any other fms victims are suffering in the same way.
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    I have been complaining about this for about a year. My hormone levels are ok too. even at 48! I had my endo doctor tell me I could be "period menopausal". Now what the heck is that supposed to be - I never heard of such a thing. Anyway I get on the bus in the morning and everyone is bundled up in their winter coats. I have my coat off (no sweater top too sweaty for that) just a blouse on and I am dying. The sweat is under my eyes and my forehead and back of my head. I look around and everyone else onthe bus looks perfectly comfortable!!! I have not worn a sweater all winter except one time and I thought I would go out of my mind I was soooo warm. I even cut my hair off because I would fix it in the morning and by the time I got done wiping the sweat off my forehead and back of my head it looked like I had not touched it. I used to be the freeze baby in our bed. Now I have all the covers off and still sweating!!! I am so happy not to be alone!
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    Night sweats are often associated with these diseases, and you can get overheated, too. But if it happens much more frequently, it could be the physiological disease listed above. I have it, too, and inherited it from my mother, who always had sweaty palms. I have more sweating from the facial area and the back at times, too. Look up that term on the internet- there is a lot of info on it...I have heard that sometimes botox injections are effective, but I just decided to live with it...AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/07/2003]
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    I to sweat alot going to dr on the 17 want a hormone check again!! I work in a class w/3other gals and they walk around in jackets most the time and i'm sitting doinjg nothing and have sweat runnin every where. Ther are even days i think its cool in there but still have it running down my back making my jeans damp!! i am going to look up this hyperhydrosis thing and see what it says .. Other wise i'm praying for a hormon test will tell all
    Take Care All and keep cool lol
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    WOW!! I thought I was having trouble getting my hormone replacement therapy right. I feel better to know I am not the only one who sleeps with a towel. Haven't been able to wear any of those pretty winter sweaters this year because I am sweating like a pig all the time. Funny thing though....not the underarms. Just the face and chest and back. Drenched most of the time . Sorry you have to go through it too but glad I am not alone in this horrible disease.
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    I started taking antidepressants in 1986 for severe dizziness and immediately began sweating profusely. It doesn't seem to matter which one I take as I've been through most of them in 17 years but the dosage does make a slight difference. My head, face, and torso sweat but not so much underarms.
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    My dr. questioned me about profuse sweating (endocrinologist). I actually do not have that, I have the opposite . . . I almost never sweat at all, even in a sauna. I have a connective tissue disorder that evidently causes that for me. However, my dr. told me he was asking about the profuse sweating because that can indicate an acetocholine (sp?) problem . . . you might want to check into that or ask your doctor. Hope this helps . . . Terri
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    but I thought I read it could be a
    sign of thyroid problems. I know I have it bad when I sleep at night
    mostly. I've had to change p.j.s in
    the middle of the night, and I'm past
    menapause and didn't have these sweats with that! Hugs, Bambi
  9. LindaLoonyTunes

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    but I tend to think he is wrong. I also do not sweat from the armpits. My whole body gets flushed and then my forehead,under my eyes and back of my head start sweating. It is really pretty persistent and has become somewhat of a joke with my friends who never sweat when I do!
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    and here I thought that I was the only one sweating like a pig! LOL This is a different kind of sweating than the hot flash of menopause, at least I think so. I know how you feel, I used to be the one that was ALWAYS cold but now I can't take any kind of heat what so ever or I start sweating. I don't even have to be doing anything, it just starts for no reason. If anybody finds out what it is be sure and let me know.
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    I thought everybody with CFS was cold all the time. I felt like the odd man out.

    I live in Ottawa, Ontario where we get very cold winters. When I first became sick 10 yrs ago I went from being freezing from Oct to May to hot and sweaty all yr long. I even did yard duty in my spring coat in minus 40 degrees! I was 44 at the time and was told I was in peri-menopause. It just seemed like a funny coincidence that it started exactly when I came down with CFS!

    I'm now in menopause and there is no change. I don't think this is hot flashes either. I'm hot all the time, sometimes hotter than others, and especially from the waist up. When anyone comes to visit, winter or summer, they know enough to bring a sweater and warm socks because I keep the heat low in winter and the air conditioning going like crazy in the summer.

    Like someone else mentioned, as soon as I climb the stairs or do anything remotely physical, the sweat and heat become much worse.

    My thyroid has always checked out as "normal" but in the summer it was discovered to be very enlarged and I was put on Synthroid. It hasn't helped the hot feelings or sweating at all.

  15. ssMarilyn

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    and it's "perimenopausal", not period menopausal. It starts in our 30's and even though our hormone levels test normal, we still have the fluctuations that cause the hot flashes, chills, etc.... Your levels are probably stable when being tested, and then when you're home, they surge! We experience perimenopause right up until menopause. It you start in your 30's, like most women do, you will have it for 20+ years! Now isn't THAT something exciting to look forward to?

    Marilyn :)
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    I sweat sometimes so badly that I become entirely wet... never had my hormones checked... but recently I've become cold.... I do still sweat at night.... sweating is miserable and visible!!! ( one of those things you CAN see).... never heard of electrical/shock therapy for it though......Good luck!
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    Hi - you are not alone - one minute I am sweating and the next freezing - especially when I am in bed at night...wake up sweating (chest, neck and head) and throw the covers off - wipe off - go back to sleep - wake up freezing...pull up the covers and over and isn't hormones as I have already been thru all of that....FMS....this is a much pain...
  18. Bayoublue

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    I started taking paxil 18 days ago, and I sweat so much. Wake up every morning soaked. It lasted for about two weeks, but I feel it maybe getting better now..

  19. philsr

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    I know most of you are female and some of you have been thru menopause. I am Male and I have been having what I would describe as hot flashes. If I was female, I would swear I was going thru the change. I don't sweat all the time, just suddenly become very hot around my face and back for a couple of minutes and then it is gone. Strange.

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    I thought I was alone! Here at work if I do ANYTHING I start to sweat! It is so embarrassing! My short hair will just DRIP with sweat - I get red faced, blotchy, and well, just a horrid sight! I've got to help serve pizza at a function for some of our students tomorrow (I work at the technical college here in Albany, GA) and I am dreading it! Everyone else will look calm, cool and collected and there I'll be - looking like I just took a swim! I hate to see that so many folks have this problem, but then in a way, I am glad. It shows that it just isn't me!! When I have these "spells" people make it so much worse by asking if I'm ok, if I'm feeling alright and, to top it off, are you going through "the change!!!! AAARRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!