does anyone take dhea supplement - or whey protein? does it help

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  1. stevenmale_mid_uk

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    hi does anyone take these have any benificial effects
    whey protein is meant to be good for gluthoine
    and dhea - lots of other things explained on hope i get some replies cheers
  2. mars_xmu

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    My nutritionalsst recommendedd me take 10mg every day for the first month, then 20mg per day: do not take on weekends though (I take BIOVEA). If you've still got CFS it will not make much difference, as its a bit like putting in high quality fuel additives into a worn out engine. It does make a difference for me as my CFS has cleared up. Whey protein is a bit of a waste, as its not a good idea, according to my nutritionlast to be taking any form of milk products as adults, unless you are blood gropu AB. If possible try and track down a good nutritionalist via the BANT on the Pure Heaalth Clinic sites in the UK, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. It's very difficult to treat yourself, I waisted about five years trying to do it.