does anyone take no meds???and are up and down?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kirsty28, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. kirsty28

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    just to ask if any of you take no regular meds, maybe the odd painkiller as hope when things are tough and hope for the best (when u know they don't normally work)'s just i have tried all sorts and it either has terrible side effects and also does not get rid of the pain?
    so i just go around in pain (when good it's great) and when bad its like i have to ride it out(very hard, like now)...
    also i have some weeks where i am okay..manage well despite discomfort etc and then out of the blue it creeps in and its terrible for hour/days/weeks and then for no reason either moves or goes away for a time?
    also in stressful times i can be very good pain wise which confuses me. sometimes i don't know how i do this and hold down a full time fostering job and normal family life.At the moment of typing i feel awful but last week i was great? sooooo confusing..
    kirsty (united kingdom)
  2. kiyoka

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    Hello Kirsty, I would have to say I dont take any meds on a regular bases. I normally have bad luck with side effects, or they just don't work. I do sometimes take over the counter pain meds..but not very often. I also have up and down days...i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

  3. jess

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    Hi Kristy, I also do not take any meds for pain. I had tried in the past but the reactions and side affects were sometimes worse then the DD. I just weather the storm. Yes sometimes I am totally miserable but I usually go into remission eventually. Sometimes I do take Wob Enzymes on an empty stomach. They do work if you take a lot of them. They are proteolytic enzymes. I also use creams for muscles and apply it 3 to 4 times a day. After a few days of regular use they give me some relief. Jess
  4. Cakedec

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    Hi Kristy,

    I have FMS and the come and go flares you describe sound very normal to me. You will find that they relate greatly to your stress level, amount of sleep, time of month, the weather, and other factors. I also use over the counters like aspirin, aleve, etc. for it.

    The only prescription medicines that I take are for sleep--75 mg deseryl at night, also some flexeril, a muscle relaxant, again at night. I found that malic acid/magnesium (Pro-energy) supplement helps keep my pain level down. I got off prescription anti-depressants and now take sam-e 400 mg; also use St. John's wort at times for anxiety.

    I also did the guaifanesin treatment for a couple years; don't feel that I need it anymore.