Does anyone use a knee pillow?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scoop, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. scoop

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    Does anyone use a knee pillow? I tried a tempurpedic one and it seemed to keep me aligned well after i got up but my knees hurt worse and legs because of how hard it was. I tried just a regular pillow between my knees but that doesn't work either! If any of you use one can you pass along which brand you use. Or any other ideas are appreciated.


  2. RedB

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    I definitely use one, and there's a reason for the chuckle.

    Years ago, my very young daughter made a knee pillow for her grandpa out of leftover flannel material that we used to make some P.J.s. Grandpa has "bony knees" as he puts it, and he always crammed an extra pillow between his knees to keep them from aggravating him.

    So, my sweet daughter made one especially for her dear Grandpa. At that time, none of us had ever heard of a "knee pillow". It was just something we thought we had made up. Gramps (80) still uses the pillow -- beat up as it is.

    To answer your question: It is simple enough to either have someone make one for you, or to find just a comfortable, not too heavily stuffed throw pillow in any store. (Or remove some of the stuffing)

    Thanks for the memory --

  3. scoop

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    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for the advice and glad it gave you a chuckle. We always need that, thats for sure!

    What an adorable story. Thanks for sharing it with me. It was so sweet of your daughter to make her grandpa a pillow. I will keep working on finding a comfortable one.

    Take care,
  4. MemoryLane

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    I think the key is to have soft support from you lower thighs all the way to your toes. I believe, from my own experience that having support just between your knees or just between your ankles, throws everything out of alignment and it does indeed cause more pain.

    I use an old eggcrate pillow that has gone soft, but I think a shredded foam pillow works best, rather than the polyester fiber. You can get the foam at most fabric or craft stores and you can buy a zippered pillow cover at Target or Wal-Mart in the linen section. I would also use at least a queen or king size depending on how long your legs are and stuff it until it feels like it is craddling your legs.

    Hope this helps,

  5. scoop

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    Hi Lane,

    Thank you i will try that! Appreciate the advice

    Take care
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    ......with a pillow between my knees (thighs to calves) every night. Just a sort of softer bed pillow, not one of those you buy designed just for knees. I'm so used to it now, that I have a hard time sleeping without it.

  7. scoop

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    Hi Pam,

    Thanks...Hugs to you too

  8. krysta

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    I have been told to use a leg pillow to help align my spine, I bought one about a yr ago, can't remember where I got it. I don't see any difference that it makes.

    I did see a commercial about tempurpedic mattresses, and their pillows, They looked like they were pretty comfy. I checked into buying their mattress, Prices were not bad around $600. for Queen size. I will have to go back and look at the leg pillows.

  9. scoop

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    Hi Krysta,

    The tempurpedic mattress is really comfortable. I heard good things about them and finally tried one a few weeks ago. Wish i could of stayed in the store and had them close it with me still there! I was going to tell them i would be their night watchman! It was heaven laying on it. For once the tenderpoints didn't feel as bad.

    Did you say you saw a commercial and the Queen size was $600? Everywhere i have looked even the full size is over $1000. Saving for a long time! If you know how you can get a queen size for that prize could you let me know, it would be great to get a queen size for less!

    Their regular head pillows are really comfortable too. They sell cervical ones too but i can't sleep on my back.

  10. Solstice

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    And here I thought I was the one who invented a knee pillow! Kathy said she and her daughter thought they invented it for their grandpa! (what a precious story.)

    I have never heard of an official "knee pillow" before. I must lead a very sheltered life............well, I guess I do now that I think about it.

    Anyway, I have a "body pillow" which as you probably know is the length of the body. I use it to cuddle with and to also have between my knees and ankles...........or where ever it feels comfortable. I like the long pillow because it has more options. Sometimes I use the top half to support my back if I am on my side, and the bottom half folds between my knees. I love it. Can't sleep with out it any more.

    But I am very interested in the tempurpedic mattress that you speak of. What is it???? I would love to have a more comfortable mattress. About 6 years ago, we got a pillow top mattress, but that doesn't seem that comfortable anymore.

    One idea someone spoke of on here awhile ago, was to put an electric blanket on top of the mattress, and a feather mattress on top of that to sleep on. She said she warms up the blanket before going to bed and then turns it off. Boy, that has been on my mind ever since I read sounds sooooooooo comfortable.

    If you could let me know what tempurpedic is, I'd appreciate it.

    Good post..........we need new ideas for our comfort. Thanks.

  11. Shirl

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    Heres another idea for you. I use a Buckwheat pillow for a knee pillow, its a small one that conforms to the area you have it in. It works just fine. Not too big and not too small.

    Loved the story about the Grandpa! That was so sweet.

    Shalom, Shirl
  12. Cara-Sue

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    i use a body well for me
  13. scoop

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    Thanks for the ideas. I am going to look into many different types of pillows now! The more options the better!

    Cara-Sue, The tempurpedic mattress was created by Nasa from my understanding. Their website is Their mattresses are on the expensive side that is the downside but i feel worth it in the long run. Saved up for a long time but can't wait for it to arrive! Maybe after seven years i can get even a half way descent night of sleep! It is the most comfortable mattress i ever layed on in my life. I didn't feel the pressure of my body when i layed on my side. The man in the store said he had a lot of people with fibromyalgia purchase the mattress and they are writing testimonials for the insurance company's.

    I tried an electric blanket from sears but the thin coils hurt me too much even with something else over it..everyone is different though i know it helps a lot of people which is good. Speaking of which does anyone have to get really high threadcount sheets? If i don't its like sleeping on a bed of needles!

    Hope this helps..thank you all for the suggestions