Does anyone use Tyrosine?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by holiday16, Mar 24, 2009.

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    and if so how well does it work for you? Long story, but I have several conditions which appear to be associated. One of these is Idiopathic Orthostatic Edema. I have had very little success in finding anything that helps w/ this until recently I came across a study where a Dr. had a very high rate of success with Dexedrine. I'm taking that now and while I still don't have the right dose I have been shocked at how it has affected me as a whole. It immediately had a calming effect and interestingly enough my heart rate actually slowed (it's fairly fast). Feel much better overall, but the thing that amazed me the most was the shooting pains went away within an hour of the first dose and I've only had a handful of mild ones this past month. Nothing has ever done that. I also have been getting into a deep sleep for the most part. I had no idea how bad my sleep was until this. I was sleeping all night, but had become a light sleeper and it wasn't restful. Now I'm back to being a deep sleeper and it's a more restorative sleep.

    I'm wondering about the Tyrosine because it's supposed to affect dopamine levels in a similar way. Something interesting in our family is that we all have issues w/ gluten and I found when I was exposed to even a fraction I would have to double my Strattera (which is what I was taking at the time) and it also made me swell and would set off my FM. I found there was a supplement that would help the kids (and me) deal w/ the mental effects and interestingly enough it has Tyrosine in it.

    Gluten sensitivity is believed to affect the neurotransmitters in the brain which would then explain why Tyrosine helped and also why gluten sets off my FM, tremors, coordination problems, slurred speech etc.

    I looked up every issue that I have been diagnosed w/ along w/ dopamine and found associations of low dopamine to every issue. Just can't be a coincidence.
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    hi. if you know of a site i could go to so i could get info on tyrosine- would you let me know! Thanks in advance! I have not been to this site in a long time. I fell at work,workers comp.,lawyers led to severe depression for me. ended up losing my neuro./ pain doctor so as i feel everything is out of control for me, i am also starting at square one again. Finding new team of Docs.,meds.,workers comp. Im sure you all know what i am talking about. Sorry i am going on and on: i have really missed the information and the kindness of all the fine people from this site. thank-you for letting me vent w/in your post and for the info. All my love and prayers to you and everyone here-Laura

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