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    Thea ultracet my doctor gave me is working! but is it safe to use everyday? from everything I've read it's only approved for short term use. SUZ
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    The doctors say that the acetometiphin is bad for you but it depends on how often and how many you take. If you take them frequently or 2 at a time then see if you can get the doctor to prescribe you Ultram which is the same medicine but without the Tylenol. I take ultram 4 times a day at 50 to 100 mg a shot. It has done me good also but I have to take muscle relaxers for other ailments.
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    Hi, Suz:

    I've been on Ultracet since I was diagnosed with FM over a year ago. I started out on one pill, then the doctor upped the dosage to two pills and that is working better for me. I can take it as often as two every six hours, but I fortunately don't need to take it around the clock. Nightime is my worst time for pain, and since I've gone back to full-time work, I usually have to take another dosage to get through the afternoon.

    I have never had any problems with side effects. In the information I received with the Ultracet, it said that the medication works more quickly on an empty stomach. It doesn't totally eliminate my pain (I always have the soreness and stiffness), but it sure helps.

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    Suz, I've been taking Ultracet (37.5mg) for about six months now with no side effects to date. My concern and my doctors is that it is recommended only for 5-6 days! She's keeping an eye on my kidneys, etc. It provides the best pain relief I've found in the last two years. I take two every six hours - not supposed to take more than 8 per day. A few times when things where bad I cheated and took more. I'd suggest that you have your doc keep an eye on things for you every three months or so.
    Best of luck!
    Mary Kay
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    Hi, Suz:

    I take Ultracet and have been taking it for over a year. I was diagnosed with FM over two years ago. Unfortunately, I have side effects with taking all pain meds and I need to take Phenegran before I take the Ultracet so I don't get deathly sick. I take one pill every 4 hours.

    It helps but does not eliminate all the soreness and pain.