does anyone want to start a support group with me??????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cay24dive, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. cay24dive

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    I was wondering if anyone in my area wanted to start a support group with me, if not then can anyone tell me where there is one in my area because I looked and could not find any. I live in parma hts Ohio it is close to Cleveland.
    Please also e-mail me at
  2. pookiebyrd

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    I am in Willoughby and have been looking for a group in the area for a while...... If you hear of one or start one please let me know...


  3. popgun

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    Call your local arthritis foundation they can help you.
  4. kerrymygirl

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    Hi, used to live in Parma went to tri C and Valley Forge,how about you? I her Kaiser foundaton has a group in Parma from what I heard. i also was told the adminstrator head of Clinic,was a non believer until his wife came down with severe fm. Might want to check there. Live in fl. now, don`t miss that weather at all. Sorry about this winter how has it been effecting You. I miss cottage hams and Lady loc`s from German bakery on Pearl rd. Yummy!! Do you go to the west side market? My dad used to go all the time,lot`s of fresh stuff and good prices. My last trip was to take care my dad, then his funeral, I miss him terribly. Went to Beardens, my other treat,best onion rings ever. How are the flats doing? Used to do alot of boating and skiiing on the lake. Skiing days are over with this dd.disease. Say HI to my mom I may have to go up soon she lives in Parma and keeps me informed on some of the fm stuff there.
  5. Fireball

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    I live just north of Columbus. In the Hilliard area, there is a support group once a month on a Tuesday night. It is sponsored by the arthritis foundation. My problem is that after teaching all day, I do not have the will to venture back out. I usually have a date with the couch every evening. In the Cleveland area, there may be a group that already exists. I would call the arthritis foundation there.

    If anyone in the Columbus/Delaware/Marion area wanted to get together, I would be interested in doing it, but it would have to be on a weekend. You can e-mail me at Thanks.

  6. CATLADY912

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    but I live in North Carolina and I don't know of one here either. If you can't find one, you might try and start a online support group and see how that goes. I would be willling to join it.

    Good luck and if you do start one online let us know.

    Cheers and have a pain free day.
  7. cay24dive

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    Thank you for everyone who responded and keep your eyes open I am trying to find one in our area.