does anyone with alot of stress feel worse all the time

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  1. tobyj

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    I have had FM for nine years, and the past 8 months have been nothing but stress;one thing after another, and I feel worse and worse all the time to the point where I am wonering if the meds are making me worse. aND And with fall around the corner (i suffer big time from SAD)I donn't know how much more I can handle.Yesterday I found out some really bad news and now can't sleep at all and everything aches. I can't stand any more. any suggestions for all the stress????????????????????
  2. MissRachel

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    HI TOby,

    I am sorry to hear that you are under so much stress. It is a horrible monster that seems to eat away sleep, appiatie, increase pain levels and cause nausea. If I didn't have my Rescue Remedy (by Bach Flower Remedies) I would be over the top.

  3. JannyW

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    Hi Toby,
    Yes, the stress-loads do play havoc with my fibro ... I recently moved and SWEAR I will NEVER move again! Then I broke my ankle -- more stress -- so now I can't help with the unpacking & organizing, except from a chair.

    I've also found that a flare-up can follow a major stressor by as much as 2 weeks, depending on the individual. Mine usually take about 4 days to catch up with me.

    Rescue Remedy is a great idea ... also breathing exercises. Are you sleeping okay? not sleeping will also make your stress seem that much worse. Talk to your doc & see what he suggestss.

    Jan ^v^
  4. Lana56

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    I find that my pain is a lot worse when I am under stress or don't slep well.I know just what you are saying about the Fall too.I find this time of year i start going down hil emotionally.My life is full of stress right now and I guess the only way we can help ourselves is to take some time out in the day and get away from all the problems.Do something relaxing for yourself and try to just forget all the troubles,worries,etc.Even if you give yourself a small amount of time to try this somehow,it will calm your body and we know it needs that.Sometimes i just tell myself-"Right now at this moment I can do nothing to change what is hurting me,so I need to think of something else" I know it sounds hard to do,but there are times it can be done.Even if you don't think it helps in any way,it really does help your body.I guess we can't stop the Fall from coming-I am telling myself I make it through every year.Take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself,as I know you need it. Lana56
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    Stress does make my fibro much worse. I had my first flare this spring after helping my Mom take care of my terminally ill Dad, for a year. I was not sleeping well, and on the go constantly. My 33 y/o brother had also moved in with us. My body finally said 'enough is enough.' And then came the flare. My doc agreed this was brought on my stress.

    As hard as it may be, try to get some rest and if you are having problems sleeping, call your doctor, or get something herbal to help. If you arent' rested, it turns into a vicious cycle.

    My thoughts are with you. Let us know how you are doing.


  6. IgotYou

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    Stress affects me more than anything else. I'm trying to learn how to stay calm inside and go with the flow. It's harder than it sounds.
  7. Eve612

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    I too have been under tremendous stress since losing my job, & it seems like I get worse by the day. I am dealing with many more symptoms at one time, than I have since diagnosis in 1999! I keep trying to chill out, but easier said than done...

  8. Shirl

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    Stress is one of our worst enemies, only runner up is no sleep!

    If you can somehow control some of the stress and also get some good sound sleep you will feel a great difference.

    Sure hope all works out for you soon..........

    Shalom, Shirl
  9. missvickielynn

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    .....and especially for people with chronic illness and pain. And that even goes for "good" stress, like trying to do things we enjoy.

    I, also, am caught in the catch-22 of being almost sure that my meds are making some of my health issues worse, or adding new ones, but also not knowing how to survive without them. It is all trial and error, and lots of guesswork......which, of course, is more stress!

    And when things pile up on us, one after another......which, unfortunately, is part of life for most really takes an even larger toll on those of us with chronic illness.

    My flares, in reaction to stress (whether mental, physical, good or bad) are almost always delayed, as well. Somtimes I feel it the next day, especially if I miss sleep. Usually a stressful event or extra activity doesn't "hit me" until the 2nd or third day, depending on what the stressor was.

    I too, am under constant, unrelenting stress. Every time I begin to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and begin to feel better...........BAM......the light turns out to be a freight train coming my way. (I stole that from a song!) I know that my health continues to decline more and more, the longer I am under the non-stop stress. I ended up in the hospital for 4 days in June.....and I am not sure how much of it was stress-induced flare, and how much of it was reaction to a med.

    I love fall, but I dread winter....also because of SAD, and because cold makes my pain much worse. Now this may sound like placebo......and I am sure it is not as good as one of the lights that are intened to treat SAD........But I put "plant lights" in many of my light fixtures during the winter. It started out to be for my plants, but I swear that sitting underneath one of my ceiling track-light fixture with 3 strong plant bulbs in it, improves my mood! I have 2 of these track-light fixtures in my living room, and one in my bathroom, right over my "garden tub"!

    All the suggestions made so far by others are good ones. My coping mechanisms for dealing with the stresses are a good squalling cry, some good, soothing music, and long, warm bubble baths or epsom-salt/&/peroxide baths, and prayer, and reading Psalms in the Bible. Also, keeping a journal, when I feel up to it. I write lots of letters to God, and tuck them into my Bible each night, after reading some Psalms.

    I hope that things will let up for you a bit really soon, and that you can find something to ease the stress-effect on your body and mind!

    Wishing you pain-free, stress-free days!


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  10. wildzootv

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    I am sorry, I can empathize with you.

    It's hard to say what you can do to releive stress...... but some ways are:

    taking hot baths
    taking a drive
    seeing a movie (some times the mental break from everything does the trick)
    talking it over with a close loved one
    realizing that somethings we have no control over, just over how we feel about them

    I hope it gets better for you very soon. (hugs)
  11. jedinvest

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    Not getting adequate sleep is bad for you. I suggest you get your doctor to write you a prescription for 0.25 mg Xanax tablets and only take when absolutely necessary and preferably at bed time. Xanax is terribly addictive, so don't take for more than 2 days straight, but may help in the battle between stress and sleep.

    Another thing is to take some form of B vitamins. The B12 methylcobalamin I find the best. But I have heard that B-complex is good for combating stress.