Does anyone with CFS/FM have tremors?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by smlong, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. smlong

    smlong New Member

    I have had CFS/FM for 10 years now. Off and on I have problems with tremors, I shake all over. This is usually accompained by the usually fatigue assosiated with these conditions. This will
    last for months at a time. The really strange thing is when I have these and my husband and I make love they get worse immidately afterwards, and I have no control over my muscles. It is almost like a seizure only I do know what is happening.
    My doctor did send me to a neurologist for this before, and the neurologist told me there was nothing wrong neurologicly!
    Does anyone out there get these tremors and is there anything that can be done for them? Please help if you can. It scares my husband and I to death when this happens!
  2. tslanker

    tslanker New Member

    I too get tremors. A lot of times mine aren't even visible to anyone else but I can feel them inside and they are from head to toe. As a matter of fact I was hospitalized for two days trying to find out what the problem is. The doctor thinks it's because I have fibromyalgia and anxiety. She put me on Klonopin 2x a day and it has worked miracles for me. You talked about you and your husband making love and it gets worse, well I couldn't even stand long enough to wash the dishes! I hope this helps you a little bit. I know I was scared to death when it started happening to me. Take care, Terry
  3. Marvic

    Marvic New Member

    I have tremors so bad I can hardly type.
    I have had a total of 6 seizures and yet they couldn't find anything wrong when I took the test where they scan your brain.
    I have had CFS and FMS for 2 years they know for sure and they think I may have had for as long as 6 years.
    I don't have to be doing anything to cause the tremors or seizures. I can be sitting or laying still and they will start.
    My Dr. has me on Klonopin and Dilatin and the meds have seemed to slow the seizures down. It's been 2 months since my last one, but the tremors are still here.
    Hope this helps.
  4. smlong

    smlong New Member

    Thank you for writing to me. I'm glad your seizures have stopped. Another lady had posted that Klonopin had helped her tremors, perhaps your dosage needs to be adjusted? I will talk to my Dr. about Klonopin. Could you write back and describe your seizures? I know this is hard for you. Something short and to the point is fine. Thanks
  5. Ipegasus

    Ipegasus New Member

    Hi there,

    As far as I know, they are common in FM. I get the whole body tremor right before I fall asleep, it is like the body is just de-stressing, I don't think it is dangerous. Our bodies tense up normally so it makes sense that certain muscles get overwhelmed with the pressure and it causes spases. It is an automatic response to strain. I have known people who do not have FM and have this happen. They just don't get it very often. My worse scenario is when my right eye starts to spase, that it just weird!;p. I always look at it as my body reacting correctly by reacting to my tense muscles.
    Hummm... it would make sense that sex would cause this because it helps relax your muscles. It is not normal for our muscles to tense up for no reason. It is normal for muscles to tense up when you are trying to prevent injury but with FM, our muscle are retarded and they tense up just for the fun of it. It causes tendonitis, bursitis, twisted limbs. Once in awhile though the body realises it is doing something wrong and it tries to correct it by spasing.
    Hopefully, after it happens, that part of your body feels better. Check the muscles after a spasm, if it is less strained that is why it is happening. It is just another annoying effect of FM.
    Seizures are a whole different thing. That is something that could cause unconciousness. I have never read that it was a symtom of either FM/CFS, it must be some sub- illness developed by a weak immune system. I just got Lupus, it goes with the territory.
    Fatigue has nothing to do with tremors, that is a common symptom of FM and CFS, it just might seem that way. I reccommend that you read Devon Starlyns book on FM, that was the most comprehensive book I have read regarding FM. It is a complicated illness, with many sub-symptoms that not everyone has in common. This will help you sort out the different symptoms so that you will understand why this is happening and some very good ways to deal with FM.

    I hope you feel better.

  6. richie01

    richie01 New Member

    Hiya, i don't know if its the same thing but i had chronic fatigue for years until, because my symptoms got so much worse (problems with my memory, slurred speach, anxiety etc) i started doing some hard research and finally got tested for heavy metal poisoning(which won't show up in a standard blood or urine test as it is stored in the bodies organs). Turns out i was loaded with mercury and i am now on the road to recovery - with loads more energy than i've ever had. i used to get twitches all over my body and especially in my eyelids, which doesn't sound as severe as what you go through, but i just thought i'd mention it just in case you hadn't looked into this issue. I hope you find some answers to your health problems soon
  7. soresally

    soresally New Member

    Upon getting up in the mornings, I noticed that I've started to get tremors in my hands. Also, just these past two mornings, my left thumb hurts and feels real warm to the touch. Xanax seems to help stop the tremors, it's for anxiety. I have degenerative and bulging back disks, high blood pressure, high cholesteral, anxiety, depression, fm and cfs. Also, 15 years ago I had 3/4 of my thyroid removed because it was hyperactive and caused my heart to beat like crazy--now it seems like the remaining 1/4 has started to work overtime and it's hyper again, too. Do you have any other illness? You could have a problem with anxiety, too. It'll give you tremors like you describe. I really hope you feel less shakie soon. Sometimes when you think of how you feel when you get the tremors can actually bring on an attack. It's an awful way to feel. Several years ago I was afraid to even leave the house do to anxiety. I was scarred that I'd get the shakes while I was out and didn't leave the house for awhile. Please don't give in to it like that, it makes life dreadful and only makes it worse. Good luck!!!!!

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