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  1. Fibro-Kel

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    I know this may sound really odd, but does anyone that has "Fibromyalgia" or CFS,(Epstein-BARR-Virus), ever have a problem with getting a "staff infection" after surgery, or having "stitches" from a cut???
    Ever since I was diagnosed with (both diseases), I ALWAYS, get a severe "STAFF" infection, every single time!
    It has never failed. It doesn't matter if it's just a small cut on the hand, that requires just a few stitches, or if it's major surgery! Although I will say that the bigger the incision, the worse the "Staff" infection. And even if I say something to the doctor about it ahead of time, they look at you like you're an Idiot!
    Of course then when I develop the infection, they change their attitude. The last time I had major surgery (which was back in June 9, 2003) I had developed such a bad "Staff" infection, that the incision literally burst open, and the nurse had to put it in the glass vials, and sent it to the lab.
    It had gotten so bad, that I got out of the hospital, only to be put back in for an additional 5 days, on I.V. antibiotics! The back up surgeon, (who's now retired), said in all his years of practicing medicine, he'd NEVER seen anything like it! Honest to GOD guys', I'm NOT making this up!!!
    So, if anyone else goes through this, please let me know! I feel like some "freak" of nature. And what no one can tell me, is---...... "WHY"????????

    Take Care
    "GOD Bless",
  2. LittleBluestem

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    Before I had CFS, I had to have stitches in my head. They gave me some pieces of gauze with iodine (betadine sp?) solution in them to clean the wound.

    I did not think the gauze pads were doing a very good job of getting the iodine solution through my hair and onto the wound. I had a horse at the time and a bottle of iodine solution for her. I poured the iodine solution through my hair onto the wound instead of using the gauze pads.

    When I went in to have the stitches removed, the doc said that it was the first time he had seen a head wound that had not become infected. I told him I had been pouring iodine solution directly on the wound. I hope they changed their head wound care procedure after that.
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  3. cinnveet

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    Hi Kelly,
    After my sinus infection last year I had a very bad staff infection. I was back in the hospital for 2wks w/the cdc trying to reculter it to find out what bacteria it was.

    They did tell me the strain it was but i forget, but they did say it is a bacteria that lays dormant in your system and can pop up at any time.

    I go see an endo. next week and will tell him about it so he can find out more about it.

    But when I think back after any surgery or small cut that required stitches I always became sick and required more antibiotics.

    My surgeon also told me he has never had this happen to him either and it was a very bad infection.

    Even when I go to a different hospital for my back injections, my name has a red flag on it about the seriousness of the dorm it strain of bacteria.

    I think before i see my endo., I will call my sinus Dr. to find out what it was. and I will get back to you on it.

    Thanks for your post, now I know I am not alone and I am going to print this post for my husband to see that I am not the only one that has this trouble.

    Thanks and God Bless,
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    No offense, it is called "Staph" not staff. Just letting you know if case you want to do a web search.

    These infections are very common in hospitals, also staph is always on our skin. If you have a problem with these infections, I would see a doctor who is a infectious diseases specialist.

    You could be a carrier of Staph - they might swab your nose, etc. to see what is going on and treat you.

  5. matthewson

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    PV Lady said what I was going to say! You are probably a carrier of Staph. Aureus (the staph. that causes most wound infections). Not sure what you could do to prevent this happening other than being very careful to wash your hands and make the Dr's aware that you have had a lot of Staph infections in the past.

    Sorry, can't help you more. I am up in the middle of the night, can't sleep! I am a little groggy. Will try to find out more for you in the morning.

    Take care, Sally

    PS I am up now after a bad night for sleeping! Some more info. I found.

    About 15-40 per cent of healthy humans are carriers of S. aureus, that is, they have the bacteria on their skin without any active infection or disease (colonisation). The carrier sites are usually the nostrils and fexures, where the bacteria may be found intermittently or every time they are looked for.

    Due to widespread antibiotic resistance, it is better to prevent staphylococcal infections where possible. The most effective way is to wash hands before touching broken skin.

    It is also important to clear bacteria colonising the nostrils and under the fingernails with either antibiotic ointment (eg. fucidin or mupirocin) or petroleum jelly several times daily for one week of each month.

    I have NO IDEA what fexures is? LOL I even tried to look it up to no avail. I think this is a typo and have no idea what this is. The rest of the info is good though.
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    matthewson New Member

    Bump for Kelly
  7. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Kelly,
    I'm sorry you are having such a bad time. Yes, I've had a staff infection. I got it from a bug bite that I inadvertantly scratched. It got infected and made a horrible, huge spot on my leg.

    I went to the section of our hospital that deals with sores that will not heal, and, even though it was pretty well healed by that time, I still had a lump and a big, ugly dark mark. They told me I still had a staff infection, and, because I can't take antibiotics, there was nothing they could do for me.

    I took Colloidal Silver until it smoothed out, but to this day I still have an ugly dark mark on my leg, and it's now almost 2 years later.

    Why don't you try some natural antibiotics and something to cleanse your system? The main vitamin person at your local health food store shold be able to help you. Usually, they have extra training and are very knowledgable. ( Just don't try a Whole Foods store, because they won't answer any questions.)

    Good luck,
  8. CATS2

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  9. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi Kelly, I also had a staph infection of some type after surgery several years ago. I also had MRSA which was probably from the hospital. Not to scare you but my Doctor didn't know if I was going to make it. He told my kids it could go either way. I had a high temperature. Well I'm still here but I think before surgery antibiotics are a necessity. I guess it's this DD that causes problems. God Bless you, Jess
  10. About 1 yr agoI got a boil that got so infected My face was swollen It looked terrible It cameoUt of no where ,ALso have had smaller ones that got bad but not as bad As the one On my face. This happend before I actually started getting sick. Ruthie
  11. starmom

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    Could it be that your immune system is so knocked out by the injury that it cannot fight off anything else? I know my immune system is not normal.

    for future surgeries, anything, throw a fit until they give you antibiotics before, during and after the surgery. Also get tested for a dormant staph and /or strep infection.

    Clean hands are crucial, your hospital can give a quick lesson on HOW to wash hands. At least wash long enough to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. If you have long nails, my advice is to cut them short and keep them short. Use a nail brush. But the nail brush through the dishwasher every time you can.

    If they find a dormant infection, get treatment to kill it off, then change toothbrushes, hairbrushes (youcan have small areas of scalp that bleed after you scratch your head), etc...

    Clean all doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, EVERYTHING with an antiseptic. Even just bleach water.

    This is just some thoughts, I hope the docs can help you figure it out.

  12. Fibro-Kel

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    Dear Sally,
    "Thank You", so much for the info! I'll take all I can get on this subject. But what I don't understand is this...

    I know that a person can get a "staph" infection by touching things, and possibly not keeping the area clean, ect... BUT... I am what you'd call a "CLEAN FREAK", not just with my house, but especially WHEN IT COMES TO MY BODY!
    And after I got home from the hospital, I would ALWAYS wear gloves when cleaning my incision!!! Nor would I allow anyone else to go near it, without "gloves"!!! That's why it's so hard for me to understand why they keep occuring!

    If you ever find out anymore information on this subject, please by all means, LET ME KNOW!

    "Thank You"
    "GOD Bless",
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  13. matthewson

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    Sorry, just saw your message to me today! I don't know what to tell you. Even though they disinfect the skin before they do stitches or anything, and put a sterile guaze on, and you use gloves when changing dressings, it seems like you are still getting infected. Everyone has bacteria on their skin. Most of it is what we call normal flora.

    Some people though, do carry staph. aureus on their skin, or in their nostrils etc. This usually does not cause a problem with intact skin, just when the skin is cut or torn.

    I don't know the why of it, but I would tell your Dr.s that you are prone to getting staph. aureus and insist that they give you antibiotics before and after any kind of procedure where the skin surface is breached.

    I would discuss with your Dr. the preventative measures that were in that part of the article that I quoted in my post. The part about the anti-biotic ointment in the nose a few times a month. It might help prevent further infections.

    Hope you are feeling better now. Really, you are not a freak of nature! This happens more that you would think!

    Take care, Sally
  14. CarolynAnne

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    Yes, I too had 2 infections directly after my past surgerys. While they were never able to tell me what the infection was - the Infectious Disease Doctor came by too -I was told it was a type of Staph infection.

    The first time this happended was when I had my appendix out. They told me I would be in the hospital for 3 days. After 7 days I was released due to one of these infections.

    Three years later I had my lymph nodes removed in my neck. This was an outpatient surgery. The surgery was done on Good Friday, I spent Easter with my family and on Monday went back for my check up. My doctor immediately checked me into the hospital - she did not like the way the incision was healing. I went on IV antibiotics. The next day her assistant released me. I went to see my doctor the following day and passed out in her office and was taken once again to the hospital where I stayed for 10 days with a Staph infection.

    Recently, I had another surgery to remove more my lymph nodes in my neck. I was given antibiotics before the surgery as well as being admitted overnight for high does of IV antibiotics. I did not have any problems.

    Looks like was are freaks together.
    Good luck.

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