Does anyone work in Direct Sales

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    or Home Party Plans? If you do, what kind of products do you sell? Do you have home shows, catalog shows or sell on the internet? Are you making money from this type of job?

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    Hi bren, I am in direct sales. Don't know if I can say what I retail (don't want to upset the moderator). I talk to people whenever I bump into them, I sell on the internet (a little) and have helped at a trade show for 2 hours (learning curve). I am making about $200 a month very part-time but it has taken about 3 months.
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    Dear Bren,
    I spent a couple of years in direct sales. It was a jewelry company and I did one or 2 home parties a week. My downline got very big, at one point, but then it petered out, and so did I! Oh by the way, there was an initial outlay of a few hundred dollars. With most direct companies, actual sales are secondary. The main purpose is to build a downline, and you get a percentage of their sales, on top of your own sales. Successful people usually cold-call their contacts for a couple of hours every evening.

    This involved evening business meetings and Saturday trainings, weekend training retreats, and a mentality of constant awareness, so that every person you talk to is a potential buyer. I did really well for a short time, but then with a regular job, evening appointments and meetings, and Sunday corporate meetings (I was in the top ten for a while) , I burned out and, when I felt like I had colitis, and found myself constantly losing my temper, I quit.

    I had lots of fun, though, and really enjoyed the friends I made (I'm still in contact with some of them) and all the parties. I brought in some helpful money for a while, too. And, I got valuable selling and business training.

    I'm the kind of person who puts pressure on myself to succeed, and so my initial desire to make a hundered or so a month, blossomed into the desire to make thousands. (It's hard to avoid this, when you see so many people all around you doing just that). There is usually lots of encouragement and recognition, which is a far cry from regular jobs.

    A lot of people do very well in this kind of system, otherwise Avon and Mary Kay would not be doing so well. I don't think you will find too many people who can do it for a long time, though, especially if they really dive into it.

    Good luck to you. I wish you success. If you are careful not to over extend yourself, I don't see why you should't have a blast, and make some money, to boot.

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    Funny you ask!

    I am going to try selling a direct line product. My friend had a catalog on her kitchen table, and I happened to check it out. She has just started into it.

    Basically, I want the 40% off the items! I have to do an open house, and five parties initially. After that, I am basically on my own.

    Meetings are done on the phone Monday evenings. I don't believe there are many around my area who represent these items, so I don't expect many 'in person' type meetings. My friend's director is calling me, from the south, to tell me more about their business.

    If I don't like what I hear, I won't follow through. They do have a website which is very helpful. Gives you information on trainig, etc.

    I'll probably give it a whirl... Let me know what you end up doing!

    Good luck,

    Kim PS. These are beautiful decorative items. The collection also includes useful household items, which are very attractive. The company was started in conjuction with the magazine, Southern Living.

    Good luck..

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    (Hey Ally!! DOS for a large hotel.. Coordinate all the weddings and High profiles.. small office so no segments.. do it all.. good to meet someone else in the business!)

    I've done sales of one type or another since I was a child helping sell my moms artwork and a teen doing phone solicitation.. Have done AVON, home interiors, pleasure parties, gift books.. you name it. Seems like the payoff was never all that great on these.. A good second job but maybe because I was never able to quit my first job to really persue it.

    The main things to think about are is there a demand for your product? How will you sell it? Who will you sell it too? How will you build your clientelle? Are you self motivated enough to get yourself out there to sell it?

    Good luck on your venture!
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    Bumping for Bren5

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