Does anyone work?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by mollystwin, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. mollystwin

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    I was just diagnosed with lyme disease. I work only 20 hours a week and find it very difficult to do most weeks. I know that with treatment you get worse before feeling better due to herxing etc. Is anyone here able to work while going through this? It's already so hard for me, I can't imagine being able to do it during treatment.

    My twin sis also has lyme and has given up working. It was making her recovery difficult. I would really like some feedback on this.

    Thanks to all!
  2. dahopper

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    There is NO way I could work having Lyme....but not sure I can get any help beings I have not worked for the last 10 years because of being ill and not knowing what was wrong with me. Just in the last year I found out so much other than just thinking it was FM. Even though I am so much better there are days I can not even get out of the house. I still can not do all the things I use to do but I am doing so much more than I have in years. Daily life still is difficult I never know when a bad day is going to crop up on me. I could not hold down a job way.
  3. mollystwin

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    I have a feeling I'll have to give it up soon.

    By the way I love your new photo! Very nice!
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    I work 25 hours a week - have Wednesdays off - and I know that I could not do any more than that. Since I've been diagnosed (18 months) I have very rarely taken a sick day, but sometimes I do find it very difficult.

    My daughter who also has Lyme had to give up her teaching job and is now on disability. She got hit much harder than I did.

    My husband (also Lyme) is a self-employed builder and works about 40 hours a week. Before he was ill, he probably put in more than 50 hours, plus did things when he got home. Now, mostly he just hits the easy chair. He was diagnosed a few months after I was and has been in continuous treatment. I have to keep going off my meds due to allergy issues.