Does anyone worry about ALL the meds for fibro we are given?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Sometimes I worry about being a guinea pig for fibro. I really worry what are all these meds doing to us. I cannot believe with so many people having fibro they haven't come up with an answer to the cause by now. my dr. says they are really looking into finding the cause/solution.???
  2. hugs4evry1

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    For a cause and a solution, but since many in the medical field still don't quite believe Fibro is real, many docs just try to treat symptoms as best they can and I get us out of their offices quickly.

    You don't mention what medications you're on for Fibro.

    I've had a lot of help come from supplements, more than anything the doc has given me except for my tried and true Trazadone for sleeping through the night.

    I know my doc truly believed that Fibro was real, but he didn't try very hard to help me through much, unless I insisted on his help with additional blood testing.

    Just like what I'm going through now with the blood sugar problems on a daily basis, I think if I didn't have FM, any doc could have found this problem many symptoms overlap.

    Can I ask what you're taking?


    Nancy B
  3. well my dr. wants me to take lyrica after weaning off neurontin. BUT I wasn't necessarily speaking of myself. Its just I read so many on tons of meds I was just wondering if anyone worried about the long term effects. Like one dr. said, you take a med for one problem, then it gives you another problem, so you take a pill for that, etc. etc. Do you know what I mean?
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    I know the feeling! They've tried so many drugs of different classes on me, which none have worked, only given me more problems. The only thing that works temproarily is oxycontin & I know this only hides the pain, not solving anything. I hope they come up with something soon, Laura.
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    But, I go to the Doc every 3 months and he does blood tests about every 6 months. He really makes sure to cover anything that could be wrong. He always asks about my meds, are they still working, any side effects, etc. a

    I am on 8 different meds... 5 I take daily, 3 I take as needed.
    I take:
    Synthroid (for Hypothyroid)
    Cymbalta (helps with nerve pain)
    Cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer)
    Lipitor (Cholestoral)
    Tramadol (for pain)
    Trazadone (sleeping pill)
    Atenalol (for rapid heart beat)
    Water pill (for swelling)

    I am on low doses though.
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    i do think about the meds. i DO NOT take every medicine i am prescribed or that is suggested. i have had all kinds of prescriptions thrown my way. i do my own research on the meds and think about my situation. for example, my doctor wanted to prescribe provigil. she went over the side effects. well i am prone to panic attacks and realized i shouldn't chance it. it took several years for me to get the attacks under control. they were debilitating. i wasn't going back. i think we all should be careful even about natural supplements. i wish i would not have started the ambien. it has been 2 years. i just thought i would be on them for a few months. then i couldn't sleep without them. so i will spend this year getting them out of my system. it will be hard; they make me depressed also, so i know it will be for the best.

    everyone be careful!
  7. rinaldo

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    Hi ,i took one lyrica and was dizzy and nausea for 28hr. form 75 mg. My head spun like i had a middle ear infection. It was worse than the neurton
  8. kriket

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    I do, but I am so thankful that their is medication that I can take that helps with the pain. Sometimes you have to keep trying diff. ones till you find the right one, and when you do, it is worth it. I do see your point though.


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