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  1. coll0908

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    My Fibro diagnosis is still relatively new and sometimes I feel like there's more especially since they can't explain my blood levels (inflammation not typical of fibro)So i was wondering if anyone could help me understand this or if anyone else had this.
    I don't get this? If muscles are suppose to relax when we are not moving why do I get these muscle spasms out of no where. i can be lying in bed for lets say 30 minutes not moving at all and I mean at all and then all of a sudden my muscles will start jerking out of nowhere. why?
    Or like ill be driving or walking or using a muscle and it will all of a sudden go tingling like its asleep or something
    Is that normal with fibro? If anyone can has these to I'd love to know. (makes me feel a little less crazy)
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    Can't say as I know anything about that particular symptom, but one thing I have found here, even after decades of suffering with fibro I can always come here and learn something new.

    I'll read someone's post and realize that a symptom I had not realized was caused by fibro actually was related to it and there is a big AH HAH!! moment. So many different things are connected to this disease, it's amazing.

    One thing we all have in common, I believe, is that feeling that we were just nuts. It isn't helped by the public's perception of fibro, either. Many people think we are nuts.

    I hope you find a satisfactory explanation for your problem.
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    The Lyrica helps alot. Before Lyrica I looked like I was having seizures. Jenn
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    My muscles do the same thing. I get incredible jerks and all of the tingling too.
    Different msgs are being sent from our brains.
    From what I know, what you're experiencing is normal - at least for me anyway!

    I've jerked so hard that it hurts. My left upper arm muscle also twitches A LOT! Do you have restless legs?

    You're NOT crazy! =)
  5. coll0908

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    thank you all for your support- this disease sometimes gets the better of me Constant Pain and I do mean constant as you know stinks. ( iw wish i could just have a day of the old me back).
    In regards to your question about restless leg syndrom I don't really know what it is. At times it feels like i have restless everything (Haha) - Theres like a warmish burning tingling siensation like a bad rug rash or something is that it ?
  6. marti_zavala

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    Sounds like magnesium would help you.


    Also, I take 1200mg Malic Acid for my muscles. Can't live without it.