does anyones DH work the 3pm-12:am shift? and it messes up sleep?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saphire27, Feb 16, 2006.

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    yup, he walks in the door by 12:30 AM, and most nights i hear him, he tried to be quiet now a days, i give him that.

    He tip toes and gets in bed,

    I feel that i sleep so LIGHT. the other night at 2:30 am I sat straight up in bed due to a noise i heard. I got up, and after 15 min figured out it was just my shampoo etc that fell from the shower shelves. No one else heard it!

    Dh laughs at me when i tell him, he calls me a BLOODHOUND, i hear everything, and always have to find out what it is.

    Anyone else like this? My sleep study is coming also, i just wanted to know, since i do have nightmares & dreams, don't i get to all stages of sleep? even the example of the noise i just wrote?

    Dr thinks anxiety disorder also.
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  3. scrappinkat

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    and most nights I do not even hear him come home. When I sleep I am totally out and probably even snoring. I don't move until I have to get up! Often times I have two kids in bed with me in the morning and I have no recall of them climbing in there either. I guess that is what I get for having such a comfy bed lol

    Could you put a fan or radio on so you have "white noise" and then maybe you wouldn't hear everything?

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