Does apple cider vinegar aggravate yeast problems?

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    I just stared taking organic apple cider vinegar. I have fibro, TMJ, migrains and I suspect I might have yeast problems as well.

    I just started the vinegar a few days ago because of everyone saying what a great benefit it is for people.

    My problem now is the feeling that I'm getting another yeast infection. I had a yeast infection about a year ago that was pretty bad. I'm suspecting because of the fibro, I have felt worse since that infection. Could taking the vinegar have anything to do with this?

    I'm so sensitive to everything especially meds, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, weather changes, but I'm so surprised that the apple vinegar DOES not make me feel well.

    Could this be like a herxing or something like that? I have been light headed and feel a little bit of personal dryness. Also feeling brain fogged more than usual.

    I might just have to give the vinegar up too, like many other things. Any one have any opinions? I coudln't ask my doctor, they would give me the strange look again and I won't tolerate that anymore. Thanks, Hugs, chelz.

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    I have candida and the only type of vinegar that is okay to eat with that is apple cider vinegar. Best if you use raw apple cider vinegar. I use Bragg's which I purchase from Whole Foods. But sometimes you have to wait around 3 months or so until you get the yeast under control because the fermentation in the venegar could bother you.

    Be careful to check the other foods you are eating too, as there are hidden yeasts and sugars everywhere and these will aggravate candida.

    Also should try a probiotic or acidophilus.

    Some say distilled vinegar may be okay, but I think it is good for cleaning.

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