Does Baking Soda have any negative effect in the body when eaten?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monom, Feb 27, 2004.

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    I heard some societies do not use Baking Soda in their food

    processing, because it is bad for stomach!

    Thank you as usual

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    Thank you

  3. alonebutnotlonely

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    I've never heard of that but maybe someone else has.

  4. Adl123

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    The only negative thing I've heard about baking soda is when it is put in the class of things that can bubble after they are in the intestines. It depends how it is eaten, accordng to this source, who was a hemotologst I once went to. She refused to give her patients anything that could bubble inside the body, like Alka Seltzer, because she once had a patient who almost died because it caused her apendixt to rupture. I guess things that can cause gas could be dangerous, although it seems far fetched to me.

    By the way, did you know that alka seltzer speeds up slow drains???
  5. Erinys

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    When I've taken baking soda for acid stomach (acid reflux and out of meds), the next day my face is swollen and I feel swollen & bloated, like I've had a lot of salt. I know the sodium is the bad guy in salt, so I don't know if baking soda, which is also sodium, breaks down causing water retention. I now only use it as a last resort, but in the small quantities used in baking - unless someone has a serious BP, other sodium issue, or general hypersensitivity - I'm not sure it would have an affect.

    Isn't baking soda one of the things used to make products rise without yeast? Since so many here are yeast-avoiding, that would be a bummer if we couldn't use baking soda too.
  6. Yolapa

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    The only negative thing I know about is that most baking soda contains aluminum--toxic metal we also get in numerous other sources like deoderant and nonstick cookware. Obviously, with FMS/CFS, keeping the burden of heavy metals on the body to a low is a good thing.

    The good news is baking soda without aluminum does exist--and it's not even impossible to find! I've bought the brand "Bob's Red Mill" right off Albertson's shelf. (Bob's is great for people with allergies, etc. because they use all types of grains to make flours and other products without wheat, gluten...) You just have to read the label on any brand to see if aluminum is in it.
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    I use baking soda every day to help counter acidity and too much chloride in my blood (from a genetic defect). If you're using it therapeutically it's important to follow the instructions on the box and not take it too close to a meal.

    It is high in sodium which is not a problem for most of us with chronic fatigue, but it would be important to monitor if you have high blood pressure or certain heart problems.

    I think Yolapa was confusing baking soda with baking powder which does usually contain aluminum. Baking soda is just sodium bicarbonate. For baking powder I use Rumford brand which uses calcium phosphate and not an aluminum product for the "double action."

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    While I think the original question was not about soda really, but about baking powder as it was already pointed out, I want to add my own two cents just in case.

    For someone in state of alkalosis (blood pH > 7,45) eating soda produces breathing problems immediately and severe IBS symptoms in few hours. I've been there, unfortunately and I know.