Does being sick cause a flare-up?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lachesis, May 12, 2003.

  1. Lachesis

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    My sister had a awful flare-up Friday night and is still paying for it. Her legs hurt so bad she couldnt walk 30 feet to the bathroom. She said her whole body ached but she noticed it most in her legs.
    She is still down today achey... The cold sounds better... I know it took me a full week or more to get over it. She said it was bad enough to cancel her doctors appt.
    She got the cold I had... which was a miserable cold but I didn't feel stiff or feel pain other then the coughing.

    I know everyone is different but how long do the flare ups last when your ill? She was doing *so* good for almost 3 weeks :( Plus her monthly is due in the next 7 days or so...
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    So sorry to hear your sister is sick. We seem to take longer to get over a cold, flu or just about anything we get.

    Our Immune systems are affected by FM/CFS. She maybe sick for two weeks or more. As for as a Flare, none of us are alike, it could last a few days, or weeks. We never know.

    Just see that she eats well, and drinks a lot of fluids, especially water. You don't want her to dehydrate.

    Let us know how she is doing, and give her a gentle hug for me!

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Lachesis

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    Thank you...
    This is the sickest she's been from a cold. I do not have Fibro and so it's hard for me to relate...

    Let me give you a little background on her... She was pampered by a former boyfriend for 7 years. If she got sick, she could stay in bed for days. She didn't have fibro back then, just pampered and conditioned over time. She will be the first to tell you that...

    Soooo when she got sick this time, I truely believe she hurt Friday/Saturday but yesterday and today she is acting more lazy :( which I hate to say but It seems like her old patterns... she hasn't been out of bed since Saturday...
    Taking care of her kids falls on her current b/f (which a lot of anger?? stems which I don't blame him... he can't get a full time job b/c she can not watch her kids full time) or myself and family... :( help out a lot.
    I don't mind helping out but days like this when I wonder how ill she is feeling... it does bother me. If she is really sick or if it is part of her old patterns. I have to take sick leave to help her out... and *if* she isn't as ill as she acts/says.... I don't know, Im just venting :( I guess.

    Im not saying the pain isn't real... by any means. I know it is... but myself having a high pain threashold, to see her down and out from a simple cold (and the cold is almost gone now, and she is "acting" normal except not getting out of bed, like I said 2 days ago I knew how ill she was you could just tell).

    Anyways... I was just wondering. She is on Oxycotin... taking 60mg a day (20x3) and it didn't touch the pain this weekend AT all.